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  1. Was literally just told this about an hour ago haha but I am literally a peon here so I’m not too worried. Tbh I could probably lose this job and go be one of those sign flippers for a business and make more $

  2. Hahaha my thought too. Unexpexted plot twist! Isnt the media supposed to be neutral?! 😉

  3. If 16k is broken, 15.99k is likely to be hit first

  4. Ive started to take a shot with every new BlockFi post. Pretty drunk now.

  5. True story, as long as we dont hand all our bitcoin over to exchanges. Self-custody is key.

  6. Crypto without self-custody is just like fiat system. Empowering users is the true power of crypto.

  7. A very true story. Exchanges have too much power and take too much money.

  8. My only crypto gains is the extra weight I gained due to crypto being a hedge against my happiness.

  9. The only gains ive made is the extra weight due to crypto being a hedge against my happiness

  10. Governments are secretly shitposting here to accumulate MOONs as reserve currency when they skyrocket

  11. El Salvador probably maxes every month to cover their Bitcoin investment losses.

  12. It is theoretically possible if no one sells and everyone buys. But it of course will never happen.

  13. He has never helped any space, this sub or any other platforms.

  14. Given that the more he scams the bigger he gets, the literal space around him is probably unhappy.

  15. I doubt many people here think otherwise. BitBoy must be the most hated person of this sub...

  16. Is Bitboy more hated than Sam-Bankman Fried though?

  17. It just smells like desperation lol. All the ADA projects are failing.

  18. "Technical analysis does not work in and of itself"

  19. Is it me or is the state of this sub the most bearish and salty in a long time? So many downvotes on posts and comments. Rather depressing tbh.

  20. Why do you love DOT? It's quite a terrible performer

  21. Agree that it has not performed that great since the major updates last year in terms of price.

  22. For me it’s a buy signal, people locking their funds out of exchanges makes it few steps away from selling. Which will force them to hodl which is the way we will moon.

  23. I hope this is true! On the long run, i agree fully. These thin order books also allow for quick dumps on the short term though.

  24. Really amazing news imo. Keeps people's investment safe and at the same time prevents exchanges from doing unethical things with their users' funds.

  25. All these terrible people (Sam Bankman-Fried, Su Zhu, Do Kwon) will try to come back to our space. It is up to us to not allow it and not fall for their crap (again).

  26. It is definitely incredibly ironic that he shilled FTT and FTX during the bear yet is now on a crusade against Sam.

  27. That makes sense given that Bitcoin dropped almost 80%.

  28. Might I suggest Bitcoin as an alternative then?

  29. Wierd faces as thumbnails from the moon is stupid.

  30. One could argue that Bitcoin does not need a face because the tech speaks for itself. But it does help to have trustworthy people represent an asset well.

  31. Yes, we know. It is not how it should work but unfortunately how it does. Politicians can be bought.

  32. I wanted to comment: Crossed GabeSter posting about Doge from my bingo list, but this in a serious post.

  33. Let's just enjoy the level headed shills like Gabe while we can, before we get the return of the cultist Doge shills.

  34. Oh I really dont mind someone that posts good information about a project. If anything, I wish this sub had more in-depth analysis of and information on projects.

  35. Did you just get downvoted for asking the nicest question? Goodness people are salty.

  36. While he definitely should, I’m not holding my breath. Billionaires have a sneaky way of serving no jail time.

  37. Paying off all these politicians probably helps too :/

  38. SHOCKING! Are you telling me now that a criminal who commited multiple accounts should be in jail?!

  39. Cathie Wood promised 1 million in 2030. Imagine what it will be in 2050!

  40. I just thought of how old I am by 2050. I would prefer it if Bitcoin is worth a lot by 2030, lol

  41. No way, this is all Sam's fault. I am traveling to the Bahamas right now to take action, like taking pictures at Sam's house and with Sam's car! That will show him.

  42. I prefer to call myself Bitman - it is closest to Batman😂

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