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  1. If you got a problem with the Suns Gorilla then you got a problem with me so I suggest you let that one marinate a bit.

  2. Kinda late to this, but I thought about putting my hat into the moderation ring here. However, in reading your post, I find myself agreeing with you, and I'll be leaving the sub because of it.

  3. Thanks for reading this. I was disappointed at the time and, unfortunately, the sub's members spend a lot of time arguing with bad faith comments rather than discussing politics. I didn't want to be right, but...

  4. Preemptive: I fucking know how the electoral college works, tyvm.

  5. I think if everyone had a tag showing which way they voted, magas would be shocked with how many people don't agree with them. It's hard to imagine anyone would disagree when you're constantly bombarded in media and social media that you're right and other people are depraved lunatics.

  6. The Social Dilemma should be required viewing before signing up for any social media account...

  7. Especially relevant to Arizonans, mortgage rates are actually dropping.

  8. The family of Sam Bankman-Fried, the beleaguered founder of the now-bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, has significant ties to the Democratic establishment in Washington, D.C.

  9. I think it's awesome that Elizabeth Warren is calling him out.

  10. What I want to know is what happens if the county refuses to certify by the deadline?

  11. Old news doesn’t mean irrelevant news. He hasn’t changed his stance as far as I’m aware

  12. I don't disagree; I just didn't want people thinking this was new.

  13. The sad thing is that these people don't know enough about elections to understand how wrong they are.

  14. As hilarious as this sub is right now, the troll-farm/fake/bot accounts are so damned transparent. In this thread alone I see the same naming structure over and over…

  15. This sort of thing should be a pinned sticky for this subreddit, imo.

  16. Moderate Democrats are basically Republican lite. Sure, they don't agree with everything Republicans support, but they have a similar economic agenda.

  17. Nate Silver went over this, basically saying that republican biased polls skewed the data.

  18. I saw that! Places like Trafalgar flooded the zone with (R) skewed polls.

  19. Sure, because - again - it's a judgement of the facts and not a personal attack.

  20. For whatever it's worth, since you seem to want to play "rules lawyer," a very similar comment was approved November 14, 2022 00:49:16 in the mod log:

  21. Well, Ive done the math and the election looks like its headed towards a surprise result of #DIV/0!

  22. Given everything that's happened since we activated the Large Hadron Collider, I wouldn't be surprised to learn we caused a divide by zero error in the universe that's now catching up to us...

  23. It's like the ads that were calling Biden radical... Like c'mon now. Joe Biden is as radical as tapioca pudding.

  24. Aside from legislation about sweeping Jan 6 under the rug and declaring China an enemy because of covid, exactly what has Biggs done for Arizona lately?

  25. Lick boots much? Oops deleted truth for being uncivil lol

  26. Give it a minute and that comment will be deleted because I called you a boot licker. Probably this one too, lol.

  27. No but I'm not understanding why you're even calling me a bootlicker. I'm not blindly expressing some faith in politicians. Our election processes, though, have been refined over the decades by hundreds of talented people with the vested interest in ensuring fair elections, one of the foundational things about being an American.

  28. ...what about them? Still counting, statewide races aren't as close.

  29. I think it's an unnecessary position and I'm surprised the party of "smaller government" supported it.

  30. Or the fact that they’d be forced to recuse themselves from overseeing the election due to a clear conflict of interest. Especially after so many people lost faith in the election system…

  31. If that were a problem, don't you think the legislature would have enacted a statute against it? Why do you suppose they haven't?

  32. Because it’s a big club.. do you really think they would legislate themselves out of their positions of power possibly into a prison cell? Lmfao! Our elections used to be called by the next day, before they “updated” to the current system..

  33. Which states do you think are finished counting? Even Florida is still counting votes - they're currently at 99%.

  34. Sorry, he classified the citation...

  35. That citation was planted by the FBI, unless it's more convenient to say it wasn't.

  36. Fair point. In my opinion, that's more due to people wanting change and hating Hillary Clinton, so they overlooked that. I think many independents (and some conservatives) "held their nose" and voted Trump.

  37. It very clearly is a purple state, I'm not sure what you're seemingly saying. Republicans can still win in the state, but Democrats clearly have a base of support of people voting for them. Kelly is a great example of that, he's running ahead of Hobbs even though Lake is far more extreme.

  38. What I'm saying is that if Republicans run a moderate candidate instead of a MAGA candidate, Arizona would most likely elect that Republican over a moderate Democratic candidate.

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