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  1. I, don't like Boris as much as the next guy but at least watch the full vid it was taken out of context sick seeing this everywhere

  2. So from this we're to believe that they plan on doing fuck all about the cost of living crisis for several years if he's suggesting that a new kettle saving £10 a year is going to actually add up to anything worthwhile...

  3. It was taken out of context I agree fck tories but in this particular more nuclear energy would be useful and would likely lower energy price in the future

  4. It's when price stays at leave due to the market being undecided its kinda like tug of war one side will eventually win but its fighting untill a large move I'm currently holding bbby but usually when you see massive down trend like this then there's a obvs support line 9 times out of 10 it drops further but as this is a meme stock and doesn't follow fundemeantals could be different just something to keep in mind

  5. Wouldn't surprise me if it dropped lower same with all Coins and tokons would hold of if your planing on getting more like me Infation is rampit economy's not looking good don't how long this will last be faithful in bitcoin having In a few years

  6. I honestly dont have more money.. maybe it was that fomo trade i took but i will wait and dont sell

  7. Don't worry about it I see the markets staying like this for some time gonna be a bit sideways for a while kinda good and bad gives you more time to increase your positions before the hopeful bang but obvs we would All rather it rockets and make us cash but if believe in the coins and tokons you have great time to add

  8. If BBBY goes above 60$ next week I will fuck a watermelon and then eat one slice.

  9. Valuable jewellery or valuable things buy some opal gemstones or other things like that as it would be personal item but would retain the value over a long time tanzinte not sure if that's the spelling is only mined in one country and is running out good investment but could say he's a collector also whiskys a good storeor of value

  10. No gpu rig is 3 months stable. The best ive done with a gpu rig is 3-4 weeks without a restart, power glitch, upgrade etc. They arent set and forget.

  11. My bad wasn't intending to set and forget it I'm entending to get it after I come back from my training exercise as I will have a lot of extra cash lying around but even if I was away again after I could always ask someone on the biff to check up on it cheers for the insite tho bud going to maili next year so will have to do it then much appreciated

  12. Ah, well i did the math last month. If i invested $2500 in a mining rig it would take almost 2 years to mine as much crypto as i couldve bought with that $2500...the most profitable coin to mine (ETH) goes offline in a month. GpU prices are low, so theres that.

  13. Dam that's a shame always liked the idea of mining wish I got in to the sooner might be a new crypto to replace eth never know

  14. Pretty sure you gotta swap to eth sure their are other coins you can swap with but you will have to check coinbase wallets settings should be in their somewhere im sure I had to use coinbase not the wallet to swap to eth then put It back in the wallet or something like that was a while ago I do mind it was a pain to get some tho

  15. True but hopefully if I'm ever consitent (been trading for on and off for around 2 years) I can quit my Job make enough in a week to have the rest of the month off which will then give me the time to pursue hobbies/life goals well at least that's what I'm striving for dk about you guys but that sounds pretty great to me

  16. If you have a good strategy, you can get them returns easily on leverage. I made a strategy that returns 20x every 30 trades but you need to use 20x leverage lol.

  17. I doubt it that would require you win almost everytrade without it going in thr negative for to long or you would blow your account Almost instantly have you ever used a high leverage on a small account you would get a margin call and instantly lose no traders have a 100% strategy would be way to much risk

  18. You have a lot of time and fiend a screenshot

  19. Dude it's just sad just send in screenshot of your trading record I know from first hand experience that all brokers have one owait your lying giving people a false idea of trading life style which in turn may make them thorw their own money in to lose in this current economic situation you should be ashamed of yourself people are hurting people are going hungry people are chosen to freeze rather than to put the heating on its sad what your doing screen shots aren't a hard thing to do give people hope if you are actually making money but let's face it your not 🙄

  20. All we want is some evidence some proff you are a magical money genius it's not much to ask for in fact it will be less annoying to you than replying to all the comments calling bs to all your posts prove us all all wrong if you can😉

  21. If ya just sent in some pictures of your trading history then maybe we would believe you it isn't much to ask for it would take like 5 minutes of your time if your not lying every profitable trader loves to brag so really shouldn't be a big issue

  22. Your clearly lying 4700% gain needs screen shots to be taken seriously u honestly should be banned from this sub for wasting so many peoples time you and everyone on this sub gain nothing from lying

  23. Will drop later today USA to increases Interest rates stock market and crpto market will tank a bit this bear market isn't over by a long shot

  24. Did you grab the bee statue and jar? I couldn't go in the room and not kill him lol but need the loot

  25. The 1 bpb applies to burying as well so probably not worth it right now if more bone is your goal, if your planning on holding long term and you can get the gas to bury it cheap enough then maybe, you will be earing treat as soon as it comes out then

  26. What's treat not been keeping up staked some bone ages ago and left it there sure I'm up like 2 bone lol wasn't worth the fees was thinking about moving it out is treat worth leaving it staked?

  27. Yeh buts it's very terrible rewards if you want extra bone better to provide liquidity with the pairs but is more risky

  28. Pretty strange way to play the game I get bored when Im completely invincible crist all I do now to legendary no death how come u want to play like that

  29. Another lie. Shitoshi promised at the end of 2021, then at the beginning and middle of 2022, now in September. I think a complete lie, they are playing for time.

  30. Maybe they are waiting for better market conditions if they do drop then if they don't then they are lying only time will tell hopefully its first one would make sense

  31. Care to share what this reasoning is becuase I sure don’t see it

  32. When the minting stops then that's the supply then the fact its gonna be a gas token if shibariums a success bone will be if shibariums a dumpster fire then it will fail its a gamble like most tokons in the crypto space I personally think shibarium won't be that great but still hold some shiba and some bone just In case you ain't gonna make life changeing money if ain't willing to risk a little extra cash

  33. LOL, I think you are right. We have to wait and see how successful Shibarium is going to be. And don't forget there is the Shib Metaverse coming too.

  34. I have my own opinion dude you guys need to stop being kids on this sub be an adult and listen to something that you dont want to here I don't want shibarium to fail in fact I want it to thrive I have a decent bit of money in the space but let's be real why will people come flowing in to use shibarium over the others unless they have a pull or at least get it dropped before eth.2 and don't have anything new to offer then it's likely gonna fail sure there will be a decent bounce when it's realised but will drop if it's garbage and for the metaverse Epic a multi bilo company is building one and said it will be rdy in next decade all I'm saying is be objective and don't blindly throw your cash in to something you don't know shit about

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