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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Can you dm me how much you are looking for? Tried to do capital one presale yesterday on my wife’s bday and it sold out.

  2. Just like every state AL has areas of extreme wealth and growth.

  3. 100% agree but have no idea about AL real estate so did not want to provide expertise when I have none. I live in the northeast so finding 13 acres for that price would be a holy grail. I would have bought it yesterday lol.

  4. He no longer answers the door or phone, don't think that's an option anymore

  5. Yes he didn’t help them BUT he did not single-handedly destroy her self esteem like she said. That’s a bunch of bullshit. She was so mean to him, constantly talked down to him. She was clearly insecure way before this show. I don’t think he is being forgiven because of his looks, I think people are seeing that Zay is worse then his immaturity.

  6. Idk telling someone that someone else is a 10 and then calling you not attractive is pretty shitty. As well saying we should swap fiancés and gaslighting that someone has a mental illness. There is stuff we don’t see off camera for both sides, but to say his just immature is a stretch. He’s a child and an ass though and though.

  7. It seems that way, I mean she didn’t need to go so hard on him, but he masked it under honesty just to be mean

  8. People need to acknowledge that both people in a relationship can be toxic af. Idk what is up with this elementary picking sides stuff like it’s a kickball game.

  9. Yet the PPA gave me two tickets for permit parking in the stadium district even though I had a permit since I live here! Had to dispute two tickets ffs.

  10. I would rather them reimburse for a Netflix, Hulu, or Prime subscription. Twitter is a dying platform and the $8 blue check is just going to accelerate their demise. I understand Noto is doing it for marketing but I doubt it will pay off.

  11. Flippers, new job/job loss, retiring, divorce, death, expanding family, downsizing/upsizing, bought more than they could afford, etc.

  12. Fed rate announcement is causing volatility. Look it as a buying opportunity. Every time interest pays out for my sofi checking/savings I just use that to buy more. I’m long for 5+ years, best of luck everyone.

  13. If you put it on a credit card the mortgage company will get an alert, and that may delay your closing. Put it on a debit card or ask a family member for help(use their credit card and pay them back).

  14. What's to regret with record low interest rates? It's buyers who missed out that seem so upset.

  15. The regret is paying for a house that was never worth price to begin with. When a bunch of people are underwater in the next year or two, you’ll see what I mean. Mostly speaking to those who bought or did a cash out refi/heloc between 2018-2021.

  16. Sacrificed my mental health🤣. But in all seriousness time management and being a hermit on the weekends. Also my partner was super supportive. Now my wife is finishing her masters so I help out as much as a I can(cooking, cleaning,shopping, etc). We normally split these, but I’m taking on more so she doesn’t have the burden.

  17. Makes sense, I just read more on it. I feel like there were hundreds of cooler options but 🤷🏽‍♂️.

  18. Moved here from Florida and I have loved every moment. The sports(raised a Philly every team fan) and the food scene are phenomenal. I love the blend of cultures, variety of cuisine, and things to do. No matter what you will find a group that has similar interests. Also cant beat a short Amtrak ride to DC or NY. Currently live in the stadium district but looking to buy a home in Manayunk. The only reason we are leaving is because my spouse and I are both remote and need more space for our dogs lol.

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