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  1. It goes back to dot matrix printers. The paper was a long feed. It would go under the printer and get pulled up.

  2. The first versions of any new technology will always have some quirks, but they improve. I'm impressed with my Chevy's. They seem to recognize brightness coming around a curve or over a hill and react preemptively.

  3. That is the brand name of the Kraft spray can cheese. This may end poorly for you.

  4. It never was "designed for people and not corporations". Reading through these comments, everything people are complaining about today was there, then, too.

  5. The permit will indicate exactly when and where you can get it from. It'll be an area the FS needs thinned. Firs are nicer to work with than spruces. Run your hand across the needles. If they're pokey, it's a spruce. If it's soft, like fur, it's a fir. If you have cats, get a spruce. Think about what size tree you want to get, how it will fit on your vehicle, and what you will need to secure it. If you don't have a chainsaw, bow saws work great, or an 8-10" folding saw with an aggressive tooth pattern. Get something about 3' taller than the final height you're aiming for, since trees are fuller and more uniform up top. Also pay attention to the trunk, to insure that it won't be too thick for your tree stand. Once it falls, wrap it in a twine spiral or tree net to pull the branches tight. This will make it easier to get out of the forest and prevents damage. Put it on your car with the cut pointing forward.

  6. I’d like to know the standard for “causes”, or whether there are mitigating circumstances taken into consideration in totalling a car. Even a good driver can fall afoul of changing road surfaces, wild animals and terrible conditions due to inclement weather.

  7. If only there were some group of people who could evaluate, on a case by case basis, the circumstances surround each of these incidents. If they thought someone was negligent or at fault, they could present their evidence. Maybe we could bring in a dozen or so people from the area, so they could listen to the facts presented and come to an agreement on the outcome.

  8. Always apply level 1 skills first until you get a mix you are happy with. The upgrade to level 4s

  9. My problem is I've got tons of lvl 3/4 skills but hardly any 1s.

  10. Some of us actually work at work. If I wore an oxford and khakis everyday I'd have to grab three pair every time I left the house, to have something to change into when I shred them. If you're going to call it the Western wardrobe, you should probably be wearing something you can hop into a saddle with.

  11. You can do all of that, and it still may have zero effect over genetics. Live your life to the fullest and try to enjoy every moment.

  12. Or just use more blankets. You don't need extra electricity to stay warm, unless you're in Alaska or something

  13. Alaska? It freezes pretty much everywhere above 35 degrees latitude.

  14. Just "freezing" isn't that cold when you're in a well insulated building... it gets below zero around here.

  15. And you don't have heat in your building?

  16. New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont have some of the highest homeless rates in the nation. North Carolina has one of the lowest. You have no idea what you're talking about.

  17. He specifically stated fewer career panhandlers, who have homes and cars. Therefore are not homeless and you are talking about the wrong thing and disputing a fact he did not talk about.

  18. One's career being a panhandler in no way indicates that they have a home and a car. Many homeless are employed, and if you are homeless and not employed, then panhandling is your career. I would argue that the correlation between those who panhandle as their primary source of income and those who are homeless is a better metric than any other we have.

  19. Which generation do you think invented rampant consumerism? Which generation developed the modern advertising companies? Instituted single use items and wasteful packaging? Planned obsolescence? And offshored labour?

  20. Also, the generation that created the EPA, and curbside recycling, and solar panels, and nuclear energy.

  21. What's the point of a cover song if the new artist is just going to to the exact same thing the original did.

  22. Based on Weezer's extremely successful and indistinguishable remake of Africa, I'd say no.

  23. It'll probably stay in active development until Zenimax releases its next AAA IP in 4-5 years. After that, they'll likely leave the world up and running in maintenance mode for another 10 years or so.

  24. I’m assuming this is a split phase 240/120 service. Is this for a single branch circuit, or for a feeder to a sub panel? If it’s a feeder, you can use a reduced neutral size based on calculations in NEC 220.61. It is calculated as part of the feeder calculation - for example, why you need a 100A feeder instead of a 60A feeder. Without going into too much detail, the more your loads are 240V, the less current is going through the neutral. If it’s a branch circuit, all the conductors must be sized based on the overcurrent device (circuit breaker.) If its three phase, you generally never reduce the size of a neutral because of harmonic effects.

  25. Thanks, it's for a feed to a sub panel. The panel will have breakers for a 240v well pump, some shop lights, and a couple sockets. I thought the 4 conductor was only needed for bi-directional power. Could you elaborate a bit on 'often'?

  26. I don't care how close you are to your SO, if I'm asking you to keep a secret to yourself, only yourself, and you go tell your SO anyway, then that's a dick move.

  27. It's a dick move that they are more loyal to their spouse than to you?

  28. Loved to see the 3d printed tracks. I've been wondering if this is feasible but hadn't pulled the trigger on testing.

  29. Everyone is interested in this aspect of it 😊. Best part is it was printed in one-piece. I couldn't brag about it if it was printed as a straight belt.

  30. The single piece is great! I've thought about using a linear 3d printer like the CR-30 for longer belts, and attaching with staples. I'm also wondering if a wavy circle could produce a useable longer belt w/o too much issue from shape memory.

  31. The very fact that you included "fight me" in this comment clearly indicates you need to go back and watch the show more.

  32. Frontier airlines is notoriously unsafe and there was even a 60mins exposé. I’ve flown with them a few times and every time was a nightmare - staff snapping at passengers and starting fights, new pilots having extremely questionable skills. On one landing the plane violently shook for 30 mins. Yeah I’ll pay the extra, thanks.

  33. What exactly do you mean by "notoriously unsafe"? They have never had a fatal crash.

  34. 165 banks failed as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. Here's the top 20.

  35. Very few. They were banks, depositors are protected by the FDIC.

  36. One needs only to take a casual stroll through cooking TikTok or YouTube to see how modernized styles of cooking something is absolutely ghastly.

  37. If you're looking at TikTok for modern cooking styles, you've already made a mistake.

  38. I’m going to agree with these. I can’t stand all the snobby hipsters I run across that sneer at Tex-Mex and only eat “real” Mexican food because their exposure to Tex-Mex is either Taco Bell or Old El Paso.

  39. Tex-Mex is real mexican food, it's just from a specific area of what used to be Mexico. Cuisine differs all across Mexico. It's not like Mexico redefined what foods are theirs after the Mexican Cession. If they did, they'd have lost tacos and burritos, which originated in what is California today.

  40. In Evony, go to Settings -> Account and see what you're logged in as.

  41. How wide are your studs that a 58" tv cant be mounted across two? That tv is just over 4 feet wide, and mounts can usually be up to 3 feet or so, for that size tv.

  42. This was my thought. Reframing that wall may be a higher priority than hanging a tv on it.

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