1. Why not? Black separatism was also a popular ideology during the civil rights movements of America yet black integrationism won. I think it is more realistic to advocate for Kurdish rights than an autonomous state. although that's just the two cents of a turkish guy. I will support kurds no matter whichever one of the two they choose. I just prefer integrationism because it makes turkey a better place for everyone, meanwhile if seperatism is successful of course kurds gain freedom and now are free from oppression (which is great, and what is most important in this subject) but turkey is as racist as it was before the separation, socially it did not progress.

  2. I belive that the turkish military hesitates to launch an attack, they have to essentially take over another country, the turkish military is already involved in their operations in Bashur, all their special forces are already involved there, the turkish military has only a certain ability to conduct high profile military operations, the current operation may only involve 15.000 troops but it they are only able to comduct these operations because dozens of fighter jets, drones and helicopters are involved, Afrin was surrounded and no reinforcements could be sent, in the operation 2019, the Americans fooled the YPG to erase their fortifications, but now they hopefully listen to nobody, its either death or live because once they loose these areas, they have only control over the desert and Raqqa, the turkish military in a state of recession has to invade and conquer another country, they have some arab militias, but these militias are not sufficient in numbers to conquer the rest, its the turkish military itself,which has to do the job, they need to mobilize 150.000 troops if they really want to do that, thats a recipe for bankruptcy.

  3. almost as if symbolic things like that help with group-cohesion. Very strange /s

  4. As opposed to your conjecture pulled from thin air? Kurds consider themselves Syrian first. Arabs too. Nobody thinks along ethnic lines that's PKK propaganda. And majority of Syrians' are Sunni conservative Muslims so it's actually not hard to believe that they hate "commie atheists" at all actually. Maybe engage with the country's people more rather than read PKK websites.

  5. Yeah genetically there's no difference between Yazidis & all other Kurds. They just don't call themselves Kurds due to religious persecution they faced. They distance themselves from Islamists.

  6. Nah. We only lose when I say so. And I dont say so.

  7. Of course, man. You want a piece? Wanna join?

  8. Magdalena Andersson sold her own asshole and the entirety of Sweden's collective assholes to Join NATO - betraying all their bullshit about "human rights" and "solidarity", and she was still not re-elected.

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