1. I do it at mine, were all put on a stockwell safety pool plant foundation course when we join, its an 8 hour course that teaches you what stuff in a generic plant room does, then "team leaders" are put on to their operator course and are able to do backwashes and fix the pool when it messes up

  2. So many rescues are from parents not parenting. I don’t get it. I got yelled at once for saving a kid cuz “he was fine” like NO your child was drowning

  3. it's weird parents are one extreme or another, either encouraging their kids to dive in the shallow end and run and do flips into the pool or screaming at their kids for speedwalking on poolside and going near the no non swimmers past this point sign, there seems to be no inbetween

  4. Thank you, some really helpful input. sometimes on a late night session we do 20 minute rotations and it’s so much nicer It’s amazing the difference it makes. I’ll have a look around but one of the positions payed £5.20 an hour and I’m just not willing to work for that what with how stressful and responsible the job is.

  5. Yeah, £5.20 is awful, regardless of the job, I'm probably not meant to say this but I work for everyone active, the centre I work at and another one not too far from me are rarely spoken badly of by employees, I'd maybe have a look for one near you, if the centres not for u then its not for u, but it's just a thought

  6. Oh interesting, I have an everyone Active as my local pool but was told that pay was the same as that other place. I’ll pop in next time I go swimming, all the lifeguards seem happy enough when I go there and I did swimming lessons there to prepare for my lifeguarding and it was nice

  7. yeah that might be the shout, can u lmk the pay either way please, just interested in how our pay differs around the country lol

  8. Ours had a massive shortage of lifeguards this time last year, we've managed to go from less than 10 to about 40 give or take just with paid for courses and a $200 (pounds but my keyboards fucked) bonus if a new lifeguard references you to join

  9. I had my first day yesterday, and it went pretty well. I had to whistle at one of the guards to pay attention but other than that there were no issues. I had to work my other job for a few hours before I went to lifegaurd so I took a triple shot of espresso at my coffee shop and it definitely helped me pay better attention. I’m having an issue with kids that will no respect any of the lifeguards but I live in an area with very badly behaved kids so overall I think it’s going to be a good summer

  10. (UK rules) if you've done hours of "staff training" that gets signed off on the RLSS website, you can just resit the assessment you dont need to redo the whole course, but I'm not sure how it works anywhere else

  11. I think being used to being mistreated and underpaid, youve got the prefect CV to become a lifeguard, have a look at training programmes on here for lifeguarding, get used to swimming, work on ur fitness and especially your breathing, and swimming underwater. Then give the comp test another shot

  12. No you do 20 /20 still. Think the assumption is you'd just go round to the nearest side to casualty. As you'll never do the longest possible swim distance in real life.

  13. yeah fair enough, my thought process was lane swim, bang smack in the middle of the pool widthwise, but slightly on the further side of you lengthwise, when ud have to do the full 50m, but at the same time, in a 25m pool, youd walk up to level with the casualty, then get in and tow them to the nearest side, whereas 50mx8-10 lane pools are a fair bit bigger so swimming might actually be faster than walking around

  14. Dont be afraid to enforce the rules, if you dont think something is safe, dont let it happen, but as a new lifeguard, its hard to find where to draw the line, I've been guarding for about a year, and my policy for misbehaviour is "doing dangerous things safely" so if kids are trying to surf on floats in the deep end, making sure they stay away from the walls and other people, I wont blow the whistle for that, same with dads picking their kids up and spinning them around a bit, as long as he's looking about and making sure the kid doesnt hit anyone.

  15. Honestly, sugar free monster/lucozade in a waterbottle will do for keeping you awake, if you can keep them in a fridge as well itll keep you cool as you drink them throughout the day, works fine for me when im guarding

  16. A dry guard is a good guard - enforce the pool rules before situations develop, reach rescue and keep parents close to their under-5s

  17. OP when people say "a dry guard is a good guard" they mean what this guy is saying, make sure that situations dont develop to the point where you need to get wet, if you miss something or something out of your control happens and you need to get wet, dont hesitate, its much better to get in and have someone that doesnt need saving look up at you going "wtf bro" as opposed to being that second too late and not being able to save soomeone because you were pissing about with a throw rope when you shouldve just towed them to the side

  18. I love my fox 40 also my coworker 3D printed the loudest whistle ever you can here in from across the world and I use it only when it’s super busy

  19. Are you seriously trying to tell me I need to be barefoot while working at a fucking outdoor pool in Texas???

  20. A pool I used to work at required you to take shoes off going onto poolside and either wear sliders or go barefoot, it was an indoor pool in the UK but I can see where theyre coming from

  21. Where roughly do u live, Ill try and find some course specific training stuff for u

  22. we have a roll of receipt in the plant room and we just put the values on the DMs desk once we're done with the test

  23. Worked as a lifeguard for 10 months now, closest thing to an incident was someone trying to drown their sister on the most overstaffed shift of the week, literally got told to fuck off and keep doing jobs as soon as i got to poolside to help there was that many of us

  24. I’ve been a lifeguard for way too long. I think I’m going on 6 years. (It’s a city union job that pays 32$ an hour tho)

  25. yeah I'm on £7.35 per hour (u18) I reckon there's probably a reason for the pay disparities lol

  26. for the most part, literally just swim, if you can do it in clothes without goggles, but just swim (try and hit an hour+ at least once a week, if you can go 7 times a week, if not great, but try and get as much in as you can). Swimming is kind of awkward to get into if you dont do it regularly because you cant breathe while you're doing it, however with 6 weeks you should have no problem

  27. No I've been a stay at home mom for the past 3 years, i bartend once in awhile if they need someone but my schedule is free besides for having a kid during the day. I would be offering lessons independently, i looked at the pay for places hiring swim instructors around here and i dont think that its worth it in my opinion. There is an online community page that im apart of (mostly just to see any events going on in the area) but most of the members are from the town next to us which is a higher cost area & probably 99% of them are stay at home moms. So my plan is to start there haha

  28. yeah that's a shout, idk how private lessons work and such, I(17m) am still in school full time at the minute, so I only teach twice a week and lifeguard once, so I don't really have the time to work any more than I do, so I don't really know how private lessons work, sorry I couldn't be more help

  29. I know it sounds shite, but I wish they'd make pve servers just for stuff like this, so people that just want to do the event can do it without worrying about people camping it for free kills, and people that wanna do that shit can do it. I just feel it'd cater to everyone's playstyle better

  30. I work at a pool in the uk, its one of the big company ones, and its fairly chill, when I started (june 2021) we were regularly understaffed, but that was mostly due to a lack of lifeguards because of covid, as no one had done their NPLQ (uk ifeguard qualification) as all the pools were shut, but in the last year, we've hired about 20 new lifeguards (including me) and now its getting hard finding extra shifts for more money, as were almost always full on staff.

  31. Sounds nice for you guys, all the pools and companies I know (mine included) are struggling massively to fill full time lifeguard slots and are heavily understaffed at the minute

  32. okay gonna be honest, since posting this I've(17yo) had to work an almost 12 hour shift because we were understaffed and couldn't stay open without me, so there's swings and roundabouts, I'll normally do one stupidly long week/day a month but thats it normally, and it's pretty much always out of choice rather than managers asking me to

  33. Practice swimming in clothes and without goggles, if you can persuade a lifeguard to let you practice sidestroke while towing someone with a pool noodle, thatd probably help for the swimming aspect. Also picking stuff up from the floor is a good one to practice

  34. Idk the aspects of the NL but these are for the old NPLQ in the uk

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