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  1. blackfriair is a small complex neighbouring Dixon high rises, It’s the hood Stenno (RIP 🕊) is from

  2. as a member of the big headed community myself, we look better with long hair low tapers

  3. Lmao yeah I had a curly Fro with a taper for a while lol. You suggest I go back to that?. I was planning on leaving my waves as long as possible during my next cut so that my hair isn’t too low. Maybe a 3 and a 3.5 on the crown. The lower my hair is the bigger my head looks. The pic above was a 1.5 lol.

  4. just wolf your way there, what i’m doing right now

  5. asuri cus the dex levels with katars & katana are very much needed

  6. sped up looks like a pretty decent dunk (especially considering it’s ur first). but it’s executed more like a tap in alley. try working on palming (or as much as ur hand could cover the ball) then jamming it directly into the hoop to make it look a little more secure. overall, 8/10. mostly cus you gripped the rim after 👍🏾. keep hustling tho ur hard work isn’t going unseen!

  7. Rather be “Coi Leray boyfriend” or baselineJ123 ?

  8. Big watch , zooooooooooooooooom, of course , rip Chico, 6 min freestyle

  9. wassup with ur homie? i can’t fuck wit him 🤦🏾‍♂️

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