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  1. Great stuff! Before Campbell showed up, I saw the Trials and thought, "Joseph Campbell reference!"

  2. A lot of the people at the time missed the point of the episode, thinking it meant the canon did not matter and the writers would never follow up on Evil Morty or Amy and Bird Person.

  3. Turned on the captions for that one, its Definitely Tag Man

  4. Let me just say, if you've never seen FMJ, you should. (Yes, I'm probably one of the older fans here lol)

  5. It is a very good movie. The first part is superior but it's still great

  6. Read up on the plot for Full Metal Jacket, just in case we get another "Die Hard" episode

  7. Vietnam, yadda yadda, basic training, yadda yadda, war and Matthew Modine, etc etc

  8. I felt like the season opener was maybe the worst of them all. And I only mean “worst” by when I want to watch the show and choose an episode, that is the last one I would choose. Maybe seen it once or twice. I’m going to rewatch to see what I missed. I thought JuRicksic Mort one was one of the best. But also Final DeSmithation was HILARIOUS too. A Rick: A Mort Well Lived had me non stop laughing too. I CANT WAIT FOR THE SECOND HALF. I REALLY FEEL LIKE THEY ARE TURNING THE SHOW AROUND AND POTENTIALLY SAVING IT AND THE SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON IS GOING TO NE LOADS BETTER THAN THE FIRST!!!!!

  9. We know there are 4 named ones left. If there are any more than that, we’d be happily surprised

  10. I feel really dumb for asking this but, why did the dinosaurs make the Sikh nervous?

  11. It’s a “fossil fuels” gag. However, important to note that fossil fuels are not from dinosaur fossils… so the joke kinda falls apart there, but that’s still basically what the gag is.


  13. Maybe Deinocheirus wasn't there because it's sitting at the right hand of the Dino-father and will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and its kingdom will have no end?

  14. Thank you for the reminder, friend. I would missed it.

  15. I still think there is one clearly superior choice if you want to

  16. This is the clearest and most superiorest of choices

  17. Wasn’t there another show/movie with a similar space creature underground or is this something I’ve convinced myself of?

  18. I’m sure there is, though I’m drawing a blank. However, The Stuff is a great movie!

  19. I think this is the first episode in a long time that doesn't have a B plot. Not even a cutaway or a flashback.

  20. I would argue that Night Family didn’t have a B-plot, and that was last week

  21. Just a little warning: automod isn’t programmed for tongue-in-cheek comments about leaks, torrents, and pirating.

  22. What’s the second worst episode you’ve ever watched

  23. not sure, this episode is the only one I’ve watched and though “this was garbage”

  24. I call it as I see it. I work alongside lazy fucks and work for quite a few assholes.

  25. Hi-hat control and keeping time with my left foot is something I’ve had to put extra focus on in switching to the real thing. It’s an extra piece of limb independence that the game doesn’t explicitly train you on.

  26. Haha, it’s not harassing. I’ll shoot you a note on teams.

  27. You’re already retired and I’m sad about it. Why must you remind me?! :-(

  28. Maybe I’m secretly hoping they pull me back in for one last mission!

  29. This post signifies when my Rick and Morty and military worlds' officially collided.

  30. I think I talked about this on the first one. Maybe not. I don’t disagree with you and have struggled with exactly what to call it as well as the format, which I don’t like that much.

  31. Chief, you’re awesome. Hopefully you don’t let this lowly dork who hates being pedantic but clearly did it anyway force anyone to change it

  32. You're on Reddit. If this is something you take personally, you should probably leave.

  33. I was hit up recently by a company called LaunchCode; looking to bring on military with clearances for an 18 week skillbridge internship with helping to get full time paid internship gigs after completion.

  34. It’s good to have an idea of who you want to Skill bridge with 4-5 months out before your start date. Take that time to follow the companies and interact with social media posts. Sometimes it’s cool if there are mutual acquaintances within those companies to connect with, even if it’s just an introduction.

  35. Thanks for putting this out there, I’ll add it to my reading list!

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