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  1. Same here. Consistently spent $5k a year on appliances and other electronics and realized they cut all my loyalty perks and rewards and moved all my purchases to Lowe’s and Amazon

  2. I have found that placing a block of cheese in an air tight container, instead of plastic wrap is so much better in the fridge. It doesnt go hard on the edges or mouldy, lasts for so long if you cut it into more managable pieces. I just wash my hands before i use a piece. Best thing I've done and it reduces waste (both of the cheese and cling wrap).

  3. I do the same thing with a small plastic container. I also put a paper towel under the cheese. The condensation goes into the towel instead of sliming the cheese over time. . I feel it preserves the cheese longer. I also do this with cold cuts and it has made a huge difference.

  4. I have refrozen meat when I could not get around using it. Just don’t wait too long. It is not ideal as it can degrade the texture a little but usually I do not notice.

  5. My current lazy favorite. A box of Rice a Roni. I like beef flavor no matter what protein. First sautéed your bite sized meat, could be chicken, pork, or beef. Flank steak is cheap and very good in this. Do not need much meat for it to taste good. Once meat is browned and almost cooked take it out and put on plate, then add the vermicelli mix following package directions. About 5 minutes before done add a package of frozen broccoli florets and add the meat back in. Keep it covered. It is very tasty especially if you get some browning on the vermicelli/rice. Also recommend using a good non stick frying pan.

  6. Oooo nice! Simple and sounds delicious! Are there any spices you'd recommend adding?

  7. Hi. I use some garlic salt or creole seasoning on the meat. Go easy on added salt as the mix already has a lot.

  8. The bagged lettuce varieties sold at the supermarket plus a cans of tuna make a healthy and easy meal. Some supermarkets have packets of dressing, mayo and salt. The delis at supermarkets also offer many options and not just cold cuts.

  9. Check out Tampa Jaycees. I did this at your age in the 90s. I came to the area not knowing anyone and I met a lot off people and made friends. They were very welcoming to me. There was a lot of parties and going out to bars plus charitable volunteering. You will not have to go out alone.

  10. C’mon out to Pass A Grille, have a cocktail and some oysters at the Dewey (rooftop bar at Berkeley Beach Club) for sunset, then walk across the street, and dine at Grace.

  11. I went to Berkeley Beach Club. We sat on rooftop and we had little ants crawling all over us, including on my face. We mentioned at end and they did nothing for us. Felt very overpriced for what we got and kind of mediocre.

  12. The restaurant at the Centro - horrible. Many other restaurants in Ybor are shit. And if one doesn’t have a thing for cigars - Ybor is not worthwhile except if you’re in the mood to ogle at weird people

  13. Tampa Bay Brewing is good. The wings and burgers are my favorite. Decent beer. Have been going there for over 25 years, even before they moved to Centro.

  14. The entire area of Brandon. Went to HS there, I fucking hate it with all of my heart. I’ve been in the arm pit of the Marine Corps and I’d rather live there than Brandon. Place is a fucking DUMP

  15. That’s a little harsh on Brandon. The traffic does suck though.

  16. I think this correct. I am a consumer, not a business owner. Several years ago I left several detailed reviews on Yelp. A few initially posted correctly. Later all my reviews went into a hidden area with a disclaimer they were questionable. I then closed my account and deleted all my reviews. I was furious.

  17. I used an imac for about 5 years after years with windows. Loved it at first, but then the imac overheated, kept crashing, and eventually died. It was a known fan issue, but they wouldn't fix it or admit to it until after my computer died. Then switched back to windows 7 on Lenovo, which I used for about 8 years, and it is still working fine. Only upgraded to a Dell because I wanted SSD. Never an issue. I can do anything I did on my mac, but better, with more customization. The computer is fast, and never crashes. Really, I have no reason to look at an overpriced mac again. The Dell cost me less than half of what a Mac with similar specs would.

  18. Anecdotal but I have an iMac from 2009 and it is still working. Apple was also helpful when It crashed about 5 years ago and of course warranty had long expired. Will get another one.

  19. I would freeze credit with all 3 agencies. Not sure if you did that or something else. A freeze means there is no way any new accounts can open unless you unfreeze. I would also ask for a PIN number through the IRS so no one can file tax returns with your identity. I would change all my financial account passwords. There may be other things to do and would research further. You do not want anyone to try to set up banking info under your information.

  20. My breeder recommended 4Health, the Tractor Supply house brand, which always gets high ratings, and my Akita has never had any problems, and has been very healthy. I eased him from Puppy to a mix of Large Breed and another factor starting around 18 months, and that worked really well for us.

  21. I use 4Health as well for many years. Dogs like it and it has quality ingredients.

  22. I am nottttt claiming to be anywhere near a vet, nor do I know proper dog anatomy, but to me it looks like there’s a round mass in your dogs stomach that almost looks like it could be a bezoar (look up X-rays of them). If it’s that it not, I’m not sure, but it definitely looks like your dog probably ate lots of hair that ended up in a bezoar, or something else that they swallowed and it just got stuck in their stomach and just is too big to pass through. I know from personal experience that dogs eat the most random things that you don’t even realize, even if you’re watching them really well and don’t leave things out- they’ll still find a way. Good luck with everything, and pleaseeee don’t take what I say as a diagnosis, this is just a guess!

  23. That’s very interesting. Had never heard of this. Concerning to me due to humans in our house lose a lot of hair and constantly find it in our dogs poop. Also one of my dogs will eat almost anything. Will be more vigilant and try to vacuum more.

  24. Zelle is worse because it’s owned by the banks, so they have a conflict of interest in investigating fraud. And so many people have already have a Zelle account sitting ready to go, waiting for you (or somebody else) to start using it.

  25. I have heard that warning before on Zelle by Clark Howard.

  26. Let’s see all the negative sentiment on T to start to turn positive now after great earnings. Congratulations all long. I am bullish on both VZ and T. I think a lot of the price declines are driven by the telecom sector being out of favor and in time it will improve after a few quarters of decent results.

  27. I was curious if you invested in IVZ. It would have made you money. Price has dropped again a lot recently. I think it will be profitable as a lt play plus their is a Div currently over 5%. I also see it is as a desirable company to be bought out based on their huge ETF portfolio.

  28. It has a .42 expense ratio. This seems too much for a mm account.

  29. Money market funds are expensive to run. They are actively managed. They are constantly buying and selling securities, or they mature and get paid out.

  30. I think the high fee is a negative. There are also higher paying MM accounts which also give FDIC protection so feel there are better options.

  31. Thanks for this website. I will be using it now.

  32. I am interested in this company as what they do is so important and do not see any close competition. I can stomach they are not yet profitable. What concerns me is there is no recent insider buying and a ton of large insider sells. I don’t like buying when insiders don’t want to risk their own money and fail to see the value after the large drop in valuation

  33. If you want to buy stocks at or near all time highs with the hope of more all time high’s, you picked great one’s. For dividend investing where stocks tend to go through cycles, that is not my cup of tea. If you want dividend stocks that are beaten down and likely have more room to cycle up, then mpw, vz, csco, jpm, avgo, abbv, are great names. You may get some downward pressure in the short term, but they will run in the future and juice your yield today. I’ve slowly been selling out of my position in SO and cycling into some of the above along with schd, jepi, and jepq. Do wish I bought wpc in the 60’s and low 70’s. But SO and wpc have cycled up too far for me to add.

  34. Great post. I am a contrarian investor as well. I hope you are right about VZ. I thought It was a good price in the mid 50, so currently bag holding and collecting the dividend.

  35. I am with you on insider buying. I have made some exceptions with my purchases but it usually turns out better for me when there was buying taking place. It is shocking to me how little of it there is now. If insiders don’t buy I take it they do not have confidence in the company.

  36. I find their vegetables not the best quality and not cheap. Their grocery prices are good. If you have Aldi this is a good choice for produce and many of their private label brands are decent.

  37. Ok so either you are the most unlucky person in the world, you have no resources bc of your location, or you are just playing a game on this subreddit.

  38. Consider buying a small used table or look for something on the street on garbage day. Having this will obviously help prepare a hot meal. A rice cooker can make many one dish meals with rice, protein, and vegetables.

  39. Agree. I do this sometimes if it is large. One is used to assist on the opposite side, while the other one I put the majority of the omelet on and then flip.

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