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  1. I thought crypto officially went into winter mode back in jan/feb of this year, not November 2021???

  2. Ya there was a spike in Oct and it start to fall in November. It got a little bit better here and there but kept getting kicked down as things went on. Now we have stuff like FTX collapse keeping stuff bottomed out for a while.

  3. This is the main reason I'm investing in crypto, I hope I can have all new ones (not that mine are terrible, they aren't perfect either) I had an injury when I was a teenager that damaged my front teeth pretty badly. After that I hope to buy a house and die of a drug overdose.

  4. I feel you on this I have some pretty bad damage on my teeth in places too. Would definitely be nice to be able to get all the fixed and not worry about the cost.

  5. I agree but hope not it would create the most millionaires in history we would be a force for real.

  6. If hypothetically this did happen judging from the behaviors of a lot of people in crypto. I would simultaneously be worried for the short term effects and madness that would happen and how many people would go hog wild (The ones causing said madness) and blow all of their newfound wealth in a matter of days.

  7. From what I gather through a Coffeezilla video on tubeyou. The 2 guys in charge of both Binance and FTX kinda hated each other. FTX was having some issues with poorly placed funds etc. Binance man took advantage and sold many assets associated with FTX money pools basically forcing them into bankruptcy.

  8. The first people or the last people. I’m looking at LUNC as a test bed and it seems that even with hype it’s just only hype. The volume will go away at some point.

  9. Luna was just a pile of mess, mismanagement and a 3rd party destroying the floor. Pretty much it failed not because of the dedication of the people involved but because of a couple super greedy rich fucks and the main guy's defense plan failing in every way possible. Not saying that something similar couldn't happen here because well it's crypto we just don't know... but ya luna was just a perfect storm of incompetence from a handful of very very wealthy people.

  10. Tbh that's partially why shib spiked and part of why bone is likely to spike as well. It's definitely not the whole picture but it means that only those super dedicated typically get in during the early phases like this. After which many people will jump on board when it hits exchanges and gets hyped up resulting in a large influx of value.

  11. Well ya of course it's a good ways off. Honestly the fact it was sold so early if it's solidly built it'll definitely take years. People don't seem to realize that even if it's something associated with the block chain unless they cut corners excessively (Like the vast majority of the other metaverse projects) this will be a very long time to come to fruition.

  12. trying to help people here is like pissing into the wind. They bite the hand that feeds. oh well. their loss.

  13. Bots and scam accounts friend. They want to downvote truth to avoid suspicion and scam more people especially people who will be tricked into throwing in large amounts of shib, bone, leash, etc.

  14. Jesus that gif needs a seizure warning lol

  15. Their both valuable. Bone has a higher price per token because shib has an exponentially larger pool. That's about it but if your attempting to compare amount invested shib is larger by a long shot. Bone just has a higher potential to spike due to lower supply and less money needed to increase the overall value.

  16. But Bone will have way more Utility. You forgot about that! People don’t want to admit it but the Shib-Ecosystem is geared around Bone. Shib will only be getting 5% profits from Shiba Eternity while 45% of profits will be benefiting Bone. Bone is the way! This is not Financial Advice but in my opinion Bone will make millionaires way before Shib ever does again. Just something to think about

  17. ? The exact reason it will do that is simply because of what I said... It takes far less overall investment from the community to boost bone. People would boost it even if it had no actual utility because it is associated with this ecosystem similarly to how leash is expensive but minimally useful atm.

  18. 😂No they aren’t. They’ve been saying some YouTube prophets told them about Shib, now they’re saying that they’re having dreams about Shib mooning. Not one person said they just dreamed about Shib out of the blue

  19. That's how religion goes bro. In the olden days it was basically be a good person and you shall be blessed. Now it's worship what the crazy people in the church tell you to worship and follow any crazy idea that pops into your head because it's a message from GAWD.

  20. The purpose of the game is to promote awareness of shib and the eco system. The long term benefit is immense. The game is free. But you can make in game purchases. 45% of the profit will be distributed to various charities and worthy projects. 5 % will buy and burn shib. The remaing 50% is reinvestment. I am sure I have forgotten a lot. The announcement was a bit long in details.

  21. See now this is respectable and I appreciate the info as I didn't know the entire split myself. Hopefully all goes golden.

  22. Man if this triggers it will be the biggest gains and biggest drop in crypto history lol

  23. Seems like they thought their first comment would get them voted in as king and given all the upvotes to boost their ego.

  24. Everybody who is still in LUNA, the majority are just people trying to recoup their losses and then dumping as fast as possible to break even. Don’t fall for that bullshit, at least with SHIBBY we know where we stand.

  25. Idk I bought in at the bottom and I'm still up like 4x. Figured why not gamble like 50 bucks lol

  26. So you made 200$ out of 50$ lol this the level we at now.

  27. well ya money is money man. I threw it in being like "eh why not take a gamble". Tbh it could explode or fall through who knows. Where it's at now after checking though I'm more around 300. At it's spike point double that.

  28. It would be a game changer but no I wouldn't retire. Better to work on improving my investments and junk instead make my money work for me indefinitely. Then I would stop working like normal and enjoy something that I like for supplemental income.

  29. I don't mind if it's delayed like this I just hope it's retroactive. As long as I get some form of compensation for the loss of rewards during this dead period I have no problems. Not sure when it will drop though.

  30. From what I know of the devs is their usually a little late but they always seem to deliver. At least that seems to be the consensus from a lot of the people who were here before I was. Honestly seems likely that their also waiting for the merge to fully settle before release.

  31. Bro... do you know what decentralized means? It's about the control of the system as a whole and the devs no longer have that kind of power... As for them holding their own personal assets that's their money. I'd be more worried if they weren't invested in their own project and it's idiotic to think otherwise.

  32. Supply an actual argument instead of making baseless statements then maybe someone will give a shit what you have to say. All you have done is shown you have no idea what centralized and decentralized mean. There is a dev team behind literally every. single. crypto.

  33. And when I say something similar on this sub I get downvoted. Crazy the shills on here

  34. There's a few that will downvote anything. I'm convinced it's one angry guy with a small group of bots constantly downvoting anything they disagree with.

  35. That wouldn’t really be using DOGE than would it?

  36. well ya if it's used in any manner it's spent and returned to circulation correct? Most things that use crypto for currencies typically covert them into standard after you pay for things with it anyways. At least that's my assumption on this that unless he trickle feeds that massive of an expense doge would take a major hit when he utilized the substantial holding he would need.

  37. It is a Falcon 9. The launch is being paid for by Geometric Energy Corporation. They are paying SpaceX in dogecoin for their payload (40 kilogram cube satellite) to be launched using the Falcon 9 rocket.

  38. Oh that's cool welp hopefully it all goes well then.

  39. I mean profit is profit but I'd still rather take the week 2 10 grand. Would definitely have sold at that point though because fuck Hodl, that's just a meme to encourage bag holding just like claiming to be diamond hands.

  40. Holding has been proven to be a good way to make money though. Trading works too but don't try and pretend holding doesn't work. I do agree though people have memed it so much that it's getting a mildly negative view. People who only hold just gotta realize that eventually they need to take some form of profit or spend some of it for it to actually be useful.

  41. Is it a bad thing to make a basic gameplay game to be open to more types of players and preferences?

  42. To a degree yes. Basic is good in theory but it needs uniqueness and more in depth play to develop and maintain a solid playerbase of truly dedicated fans. Otherwise this games only end up thriving via microtransactions and "pay or wait" mechanics. The psychology of it really isn't that complex for most of these simple games.

  43. With just retail investors, we can burn that one zero in 12 months. But the dev team needs to deliver on their burn mechanics.

  44. What are you expecting for transactional burns?

  45. This is why I said over $10m income in a year. Under $10m, it is bracket based and normal deductions. Over $10m gets the 60% flat tax.

  46. That... changes nothing about what I just said... it also still comes off as hating on someone just because they are successful. "You worked hard to earn 10m+ this year your prize is an increased tax rate". The rate shouldn't become harsher just because someone made more money.

  47. ? Where's your previous statement I went to bed then got up to deal with my day bro lol... I don't live on reddit.

  48. Ya you can get away with a lot if you make your money work for you. A lot of people just have that dream of "OMG A MILLION DOLLARS I'M RICH!" without contemplating how to maintain that wealth. Like those people who win millions on million in the lotto then burn through it in 2 weeks ending up on the streets.

  49. Because like you said I don't see it as leave your job money. That's also probably not considering taxes which at that level (in the US at least) would probably hit 20% on long-term gains. So more like 800k then withdrawn fees from your platform of choice.

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