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  1. There are different tariffs for different suburbs. If you are purely suburban it tends to be a bit more expensive. If you are urban with a mix of industry your price per kwh is a bit cheaper.

  2. There's always the trade off between tender and taste.

  3. Dont worry about your marks. The only thing they test in school is your ability to take tests. Its a stupid system.

  4. I enjoy Art and writing, but I don't think I can make a stable income from those. Maybe as a side hustle

  5. You can look at things like graphic design, marketing, web design, animation. They will incorporate parts of what you enjoy. Just keep in mind every job will have parts you don't enjoy. Life's about doing what you enjoy and dealing with what you don't.

  6. Some of us also bought at 3$. So let it go back there please

  7. R20 for the game, R100-200 to get there and back, struggling with parking or paying more for Uber. Food that I can make cheaper and better at home. R40 per drink I don't really like.

  8. There is trouble all over the world. I was in the UK last week and I could have kissed the ground when I arrived back in Cape Town.

  9. There's just a different smell of shit in other countries. I've spent alot of time in the UK and Netherlands, South Africans love looking at other countries and saying its better because it's not here...

  10. This might be stupidest thought I've ever read.

  11. The article refers to Back a Buddy. And the fact that he was the sole breadwinner for his family. Do you have an alternate heading you prefer? “Man Dies”?

  12. You can't assume he identifies as a man, "individual passes away".

  13. Another 30% increase probably.

  14. I believe it's pronounced, "jack shit"

  15. Nah. That comment is in bad taste buddy. Being bred? Jeez

  16. Why is this being down voted.

  17. I like it when the red water comes out.

  18. cut your expenses, debt payments etc. dont know why your installment went up perhaps renegotiate with them on a lower fixed rate. banks are far more willing to help you than people think. this will give you a more relaxed life which sometimes would help with promotions.

  19. It went up because the lending rate is correcting, which means anything linked to interest changes. Money earned on interest goes up, money owed on interest goes up.

  20. i know that but one gets fixed rate loans as well. and banks are willing to renogiate. ofc everyone is forgetting reciprocal loyalty that downvoted my comment. jumping ship is all fine and well but no guaranttee that new company would have same level of loyalty to him as current company or wont fold or that he will be happy at his new job. . and yes banks are willing to discuss different rates. I have seen a lot of zero rated loans. banks also bail from some loans :D sometimes.

  21. Loan bails are super rare I wouldn't count on it has a part of your financial planning.

  22. Were you walking or were you running? Make up your mind...

  23. I don't think any one has a right to watch a sport.

  24. No even if the players presume to represent you?

  25. Nope. In fact, the opposite is true. If you want to watch any TV at all you're supposed to pay for a licence to do so. No one has a right to it.

  26. to me, it sounds like you’re describing southern suburbs. this is coming from a european who has lived in the northern suburbs over a year. I also have some friends living there and I visit northern suburbs on a regular basis.

  27. It is much quieter, I'm 27 and have never been into the busy life of living near town. I'm an old soul so I suppose I fit in well in what I would consider a more family centric area.

  28. Dont be too cheeky with a low offer. If you find a place you love do what you can to secure it.

  29. I second this, I was able to knock 9% off the purchase price, and would have been happy to pay more than what I ended up paying.

  30. Think I had 7 properties that I had offered full price on and didn't stand a chance.

  31. What would you switch to that's similar to Cisco but without all of the Cisco bullshit?

  32. When is Windows Xp2 expected launch?

  33. The two people groups have nothing to do with each other. I've never heard the Pied-Noirs come up in conversation or any opinion towards or against them expressed.

  34. Which gonna make you stop using that door.

  35. Regardless of whether you agree with the calls or not, I don't want to just sit and listen to them complain

  36. That is true, limited talking points unfortunately. Either complain about the ref or complain about the rubbish performance. Not much positives after 2 hours.

  37. Mapimpi should receive a yellow. Left winger on the right side of the field - not allowed.

  38. Instructions unclear, pebble is stuck in lower intestine...

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