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  1. What do you want clear weather for? And did you want prayer for your fears?

  2. I thought I wandered onto a minecraft sun for a minute there

  3. If you aren’t overcoming, like we are supposed to, and have that frame of mind and follow it up by actions (suicide) then yes, you do go to hell.

  4. I think so. There were angles in the fiery furnace when the Hebrew children were thrown in, there were angels sent to close the mouths of the lions when Daniel was in the LD, and there were angels that went with precarnate Jesus to speak with Abraham about having a son.

  5. That was Jesus. Son of God, the grammar used in that sentence and the capital letters used makes it a title rather than a description.

  6. Tom Araya, the lead singer of Slayer, is a practicing Catholic. That's between him and Jesus, because I can't wrap my head around it. I stopped listening to Slayer when I was converted, and I have a Slayer tattoo…

  7. This is exactly how this happens. First they have to get the hamster….

  8. Daniel Hall is the son of Lyta Hall who is the daughter of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

  9. Hector her husband was the son of hawkman and hawkgirl

  10. Your identity should now be in Christ alone. Read the scriptures to see what God says about you over and over until it takes root, then confess them over you whenever the devil tries to put doubt in your mind

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