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  1. Definitely hard to believe it's not intentional.

  2. it’s purposefully bankrupting and defrauding a company

  3. Interesting to see how many things considered legitimate turned out to be fraud.

  4. KuCoin is just another shady CEX that is not solvent.

  5. KuCoin is shadier than anything else. Complete garbage fire.

  6. As always fuck Kucoin, scummy exchange that should be avoided at all costs.

  7. Yeah I don't think I've seen a genuinely positive opinion on KuCoin so far and I had some shady shit happen to me when I was trading on it as well. Avoid it at all costs.

  8. LMAO the SEC is one of the largest creditors in blockfi

  9. It's about time Gary gets dumped on as well. He's finally one of us.

  10. Now I’ll never get my $1.00 in credit card rewards back.

  11. Damn. Sorry you lost your early retirement, mr. whale.

  12. I guess poor countries and unfortunate people without internet access aren't eligible for those "universal human rights". I like Crypto as much as everyone else here but I hate these delusional websites.

  13. Algorand needs to get more attention, so undervalued…

  14. According to whom? It's centralised and inflationary with a cult-like toxic community. It's valued where it should be, if not overvalued.

  15. Baecchus cmon don’t do me like that…

  16. I have zero issues with you lol, sorry if it seemed that way. The broader community around Algo can be really hostile though. It's a huge red flag from the outside.

  17. Wait until you find out stocks and forex works the same way. It'll blow your mind.

  18. SBF was a project of USA government from the very beginning

  19. Considering the absurd amounts he donated/bribed politicians with, this is a tinfoil conspiracy I can get behind.

  20. Nope. Not even a chance. Beauty of Crypto is that you we can actually calculate this.

  21. They have balls by not doing a test-transaction first

  22. Plot twist: THIS is the test transaction

  23. TBH, he has never helped this space. He, just like all other shilling influencers, have helped only themselves by shilling coins in exchange of money.

  24. Shitboy is a known scammer. If he wasn't a youtuber he would be rug pulling people with shitcoins.

  25. Crypto founder says his Crypto is better. Such a shocker.

  26. Kevin Oleary has always been an entitled dummy. He thinks hes smarter than everyone bc he has money.

  27. Kevin is a known grifter. He doesn't have the best reputation lately.

  28. Almost as good as retail and getting manipulated.

  29. Ah yes dump the local currency to buy btc and subvert sanctions. That will most certainly not have a huge impact on the global supply of your local currency, and in no way would cause harm to the taxpayers. Here’s a thought, how about countries just don’t invade their neighbors to satisfy the delusion of an old crack head?

  30. The fact that the industry values a meme coin so much shows how much of a clown show this is.

  31. Careful. Elon worshipers will come to your door.

  32. Rare comment with common sense in this thread.

  33. Where were all these sleuths when I was looking for my shib losses

  34. I'm here. Send me your SHIB and I'll send back what you've lost.

  35. Not when they have been paid by the very one their hunting…

  36. It's amazing what money can do. It's so blatant.

  37. Yeah not gonna happen. Give it a few years and people will be shilling memecoins while buying monkey jpegs again.

  38. Agree. Long term BTC is heading to 1 million+. Also I'm glad to hear I'm closing in on being in the top 1%, been buying very aggressively lately

  39. More time I spend in Crypto more conviction I have in BTC and less in everything else

  40. "you either die a shitcoiner or live long enough to see yourself become a BTC maxi".

  41. Quantum can even be used to improve Crypto further. I'd be more worried about banks that are running on 70s tech and every other online service.

  42. You won't even double it? I'll look somewhere else.

  43. This right here is why Benjamin Cowen said he doesn't speak too openly in his videos anymore. Every word he says will be turned into an article, people will take it as financial advice, lose money, then he will be held responsible for it. Crypto news sites ruin everything.

  44. Doge pumps 10% and Elon dickriders come out the woodwork like flies on shit. Lmao.

  45. ElonSquidInu will overtake Bitcoin. Just trust me bro.

  46. All they would need to do is monitor this sub.

  47. Nah. Most primates are smarter than the Elon worshipers in this sub.

  48. Not surprising. We were outperformed by a hamster.

  49. Yeah... FTX goes down due to their shitty business model and everyone cares about decentralisation all of a sudden. Funny how nobody gave a shit beforehand.

  50. For what we call "the future", Crypto lacks quite a bit in the present.

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