1. Yeah, what state/area? The 5G in Los Angeles and Ventura county in SoCal is absolutely horrid on my iphone 12 pro. Nothing ever works and T Mobile customer service never helps me out. SpeedTest shows flying numbers but i can’t do anything on my phone unless i’m on LTE

  2. Was just in LA 2 weeks ago and I had no issues

  3. I would recommend trade at bestbuy

  4. If you keep pushing them- it’ll be long time but something can be done

  5. The class affects not only your credit limit, but also how much down you have to put on phones. You also need to have a certain number of lines to be able to use your full credit limit depending on what your credit limit is.

  6. They just lowered my credit class out of nowhere & lied about why

  7. This happens to me when I’m connected to band 71

  8. Used to be a website exclusive on T-Mobile phones where you could download ringtones, wallpapers, music and more for your phone. Also was a web browser. T-zones has been shut down long ago.

  9. And you can charge all that to your phone bill lol I’m only 23 but remember that from like 2004 I got in trouble for buying ringtones

  10. Apple tells me my down payment is $799 But T-Mobile & Best Buy tell me $149 plus taxes

  11. Mines been failing since forever. I’m surprised it allowed me to preorder my iPhone 14PM & 14Plus And when I go I store it tells them that they can’t do anything with my account & T-Mobile says there isn’t a block on my account so idk

  12. Police take your ID back to their vehicle. I can’t think of a valid use for an ID on your phone.

  13. What would happen if all their towers blacked out one day????

  14. Any one else having this issue? Everything i try to check for data is not working.

  15. I sat around for 40 minutes with no orders, hit why am i not getting orders they tell me “it’s slow in your area/too many dashers, and then when I go to end the dash it hits you with it’s busy or your area is in high demand.

  16. Is it 100 GB for everyone on the plan or 100 GB per line? I have 7 total lines.

  17. Thank you! It looks like I might be updating my plan to Magenta. I’ll just double check to make sure one one on my plan is using more than 100 GB. I don’t think they are though.

  18. I love that. I wish we can customized the color around it

  19. Best Buy hands down. They’re trade in offers are always higher than T-Mobile & they don’t charge the activation fee if you wanted to save some $$

  20. My Data never works on 5G NR at all. I get phone calls and text okay but the data struggles so bad

  21. On my Pixel 6a, purchased from T-Mobile, I have the opposite experience— when connected to SA 5GNR, I only get data, no calls or texts. The phone indicates during this time that it has a VoNR connection, but nothing works over it.

  22. It sucks because it’s only happened on my 14 pro max. I’m assuming it’s band 71 in general bc even on LTE with 2 bars it struggles

  23. They’re always scamming everyone for chump change

  24. You need to call T-Mobile to get that fixed. Happen on my account too. Couldn't figure out how much credit I had left. At first they thought it was on my end. I try to show that what was the problem. They try to navigate to same eip on my account but it would not load for them either. That's when they realized the problem was on their end. They said they will try to fix the problem in 2 days which is exactly what they did. Don't know how they fix it exactly but problem is gone

  25. Same, I need to navigate from Account >> then click on phone line to view

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