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  1. I saw a real one on another site. It was the worst thing you could imagine.

  2. I saw the rib cage and immediately clicked out. I can handle scary stuff but that was too much for me

  3. It was absolutely horrendous. He was a true psychopath.

  4. Can you send me the link to the autopsy and stuff please?

  5. And the song she’s playing?? Sus. Also every time I’ve cut bangs has been after a breakup lol

  6. I only cut my bangs when I was really high one night. Still, I was outta my mind.

  7. I thought that was so funny though. Alice truly has a good sense of humor!

  8. Is this boys middle name Grace or is it a girl or what I’m confused.

  9. Look I apologize if you were sticking up for me. Apparently I misunderstood your first comment and ran with it. I take full responsibility for my misunderstanding and my being upset. Sometimes I put the cart before the horse. I do apologize.

  10. Thank you. You made me tear up and I hate to cry. I am sorry I read it wrong. I read your first comment and I misunderstood and then was very defensive with all my other comments. Unfortunately that happens to me a lot because I get very defensive and angry and then resort to low blows because I am borderline. I have not only borderline but ptsd, anxiety, severe depression , had postpartum depression, and a couple more diagnosis that I’m not comfortable sharing. I know it isn’t my fault per se but it’s very easy for me to get triggered and either fight or shut down. I am able to keep this at bay while working until for instance I get angry at my boss and sign a write up as “fuck you fuck your mom fuck your dog”. Lol. Thankfully right now I’m in an easy position and work very little due to my condition. It’s gotten a little better as I’ve gotten older and that’s usually the case. But the past decade has been turmoil for me and my family. A good support system is almost more valuable than the right medication. Again I apologize.

  11. ive struggled with my mental health for most of my life and let me tell you nothing prepared me for ppd that shit is SOOOO bad worse than i’ve ever felt in the WEIRDEST WAY i genuinely want to be alive but i absolutely hate my life weirdest thing ever

  12. I tried to commit suicide postpartum because I felt my baby would be better off without me. And mentally I’ve battled severe depression ever since.

  13. I’m so sorry, I went through the same thing. I hope you’re doing okay ❤️

  14. The lady is right though she can lose her Medicaid. I hate this selfish narcissistic pos. Poor Luna.

  15. My baby loved his little jail cell. He loved it so much he slept in it til he was four cause he refused a real bed. And at bedtime he’d tell me, “nigh nigh I go to my cwib now”.

  16. Lol I thought that was sand pouring out of her crotch

  17. My first was a necessary c-section because he had brain tissue poking through the back of his skull where it didn’t properly form and had he gone through the birth canal it would compress his brain and kill him or have severe long term damage.

  18. Potassium of 10. Overdose on many things including a large bottle of potassium. They survived after being intubated and in icu for a week.

  19. She would “thrive” better in headstart where can kids speak to her daily and get help with speech.

  20. You know what I think? I think it bothers Cassie so fucking much that Luna isn’t neurotypical. That Luna doesn’t engage with her or play with her or talk to her. I think she hates it. I think she can’t stand that her kid isn’t “normal”. I think that’s why she’s constantly saying “my autistic dotter” but refuses to get her therapy and why she tries so hard to pretend Luna talks like when she showed her those rocks or whatever with number 8 and 13, Luna wasn’t saying the numbers she was babbling but Cassie had to make it sound like she was saying it. I think she resents Luna so she tries to make it look perfect and thriving.

  21. It’s funny to me cause Kim ain’t drove a Land Rover since like 2006.

  22. Some guy commented on it “David’s hella fine” 😂😂😂

  23. Mines amber so at least she won’t get out of bed and I can enjoy the trip.

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