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  1. Think they are two completely different projects and directions.

  2. It doesn't hurt to show them an investment where they can make even more to cover their shib losses 😉

  3. I just commented and upvoted. We need more robowarriors in this bish 🚀🏖🍾

  4. They only started awhile ago and has more of an upside. Green candles is all I see.

  5. This is only the beginning. We'll pass the ATH and create new ones after. We'll lose a zero and then two. Hold and you'll be rewarded 🚀🏖🍾

  6. Imagine all the eyes on RBIF now. We have been waiting and the team never let us down. They have been quiet and methodical. Now all of the recent developments have made me even more sure we will moon 🚀🏖🍾

  7. Love it. But how do you see the price of RBIF actually have any correlation to the wallet?

  8. The whole market is doing better today. Whether that is RBIF following ETH or investors seeing the cmc verification or the early release wallet, price is higher. Doesn't matter what caused it. OP is simply stating facts and his optimism that most of us share about this project. Something you can't say about shib or bone 😉

  9. Everything you said is spot on! I'm glad to know it is looking better than other wallets. I'm also loving the higher price action today. It does look brighter for all of us that have been holding 🚀🏖🍾

  10. We get to start counting all over again to reach 10,000 holders

  11. Wallet is being tested. Release to public is close. I'm sure after the marketing, we will not care about holder count because this topic has been beaten to death. The product and having faith in this team is what most people have. We're going sky high 🚀🏖🍾

  12. I hope everyone has fastened their seat belts 🚀🏖🍾

  13. If we pull the plug on Bitmart holders are going to have to put their coins into wallets thus increasing holder counts and reflections and burns.

  14. Yeah, I mentioned this on telegram because alot of us are holding on bitmart. If we can transfer easily from bm to the new wallet, I'm all for it. The team is investigating the probable manipulation on bm and seeing the best way we all can benefit from our tokens.

  15. Holy shite! I'm glad to see the progress! I'm ready to use this when it's available for everyone. I thought I reached my goal, but if the wallet makes it easier to buy..... imma get higher on the food chain 🚀🏖🍾

  16. I listened to that AMA and got hyped. Let's see another ATH in January!

  17. It feels good to see some green candles 🚀🏖🍾

  18. Thanks for the update! It's always appreciated and nice phone percentage 😆

  19. That's some great news! Let's goooooooo 🚀🏖🍾

  20. I'm digging the look. Can't wait to try it out!

  21. That's awesome 👌 I can't wait to show my screenshots when we moon 🚀

  22. Also just a suggestion. Try putting a profile picture on your account. It only makes you seem more credible in the crypto world as a dev. Especially with NFTs... since the fad is running out. Keep up the great work 👍

  23. Follow Tommy on everything he listed above. Always use the official website to access social links and you will not have to worry about losing your investment. You can find how to buy from uniswap and bitmart from there. Telegram group chat is active and useful. Scammers are on every token and coin, so be careful. Robo on bois and gurls 🚀🏖🍾

  24. Hard to tell someone what to do with their paycheck. Some people could preach, but not practice. But y'all do you. Only invest what you can and what you truly believe will make you $$$. There is no telling how low BTC and ETH will go. I have reached my goal and I will wait to see how far RBIF will get me.

  25. Damn that's crazy. I honestly don't know what number I am, but it's cool to hear you're still here. We will definitely get to ATH and even more. Here's to good times ahead 🍾

  26. Mad respect bro 👊 Every decision the team has made has been for a reason and I trust them. It doesn't seem like there is a project with a leader like Vy anywhere, so there is no reason to leave. Here since the beginning of the year and still holding.

  27. That's dope. I used coinbase wallet earlier this year and I'm glad it's back. Hopefully we reach the 5000 holders sooner now!

  28. You know it! We ain't going nowhere 🚀🏖🍾

  29. It's nice to see RBIF getting some love ❤️ Can't wait for the wallet release and as the market gets better, so does the price!

  30. Hopefully in 3 years, you won't even care for reddit and you'll be too busy making money with money 🚀

  31. For those of you who only use reddit and downvote like impatient paper handed duds when the entire market is in the shitter.

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