1. Ask him where the yield comes from and don't stop asking till he admits it's a Ponzi

  2. no need to waste a question on that, it is easily known

  3. And what is this purpose of this coins existence?

  4. Why is this meaningless and you asking "Does China? Does India?" Isn't?

  5. your statement holds true even if China and India were to invest just 1 dollar in renewable energy. It tells us nothing. What does it actually look like? How much coal is being used in comparison? You can look it into... it doesn't look good.

  6. China is also the most populated country in the world. Most of their renewable energy come from the fact that have the luxury of hydro power. You're jumping to wikipedia you just have no idea of the situation

  7. The assessment of what governs attraction between men and women is extremely accurate. All I disagree with is using this knowledge to be a cumbrain

  8. He said this about Russia therefore he's wrong about... Men and women? How does your brain work?

  9. Galadriel doesn't need a tool to make her look good. She's a noldorin princess, the daughter of Finarfin and the student of a maia. She's arguably more impressive and powerful than all male characters in Tolkien's lore barring Eru, the ainur and Fëanor.

  10. it doesn't matter what she is. her credentials alone aren't enough to hook the audience on her. Are you 16 years old or what?

  11. I described every male character in the show

  12. Typical revisionist history- selective interpretation. Good work of fiction. And yes Churchill was a racist bastard when it came to India. His achievement in leading fight against nazism is undeniable- before anyone jumps in with that argument.

  13. Churchill is not mentioned once in this

  14. i thought this so clear that it was all openly acknowledged here. am i living on a different plane of reality

  15. What thoughts do you want? That's what the sub is like.

  16. In what ways? Are you claiming man don't oppress man?

  17. it's just a completely useless framework to view things. "patriarchy" is defined as the world as it is now so of course "everything bad" comes from this """patriarchy"" because EVERYTHING comes from it. it's just defined to be everything. it's meaningless. It's so broad a term as to be completely meaningless. Ancient Egypt? Patriarchy. Medieval England? Patriarchy. Feudal Japan? Patriarchy. Ottoman Empire? Patriarchy.

  18. men are "seen as" strong? Could it possibly be because they are strong. i despise this fluffy language. Women are "seen as" the only ones who can make babies????

  19. saying it's biological isn't saying it's based on """"science""".

  20. Biology is a science, claiming something is "biological" is claiming its an observable fact of the science of biology. There are peer reviewed study's into the intellectual capacity of children, there are very few that verify redpill perspectives.

  21. not really but saying "Women care more about feelings than facts" and "women care way less about factual truth" is enough for me to assume this person does not value woman as people capable of being smart and rational.

  22. Good thing that's also not the case.

  23. Op does not think woman are people capable of being logical and rational thought idiot "woman a different they dont think rational its all feels for them" but of course you project this into me, after all you are guy that starts seething every time a woman looks smarter then a men.

  24. It may suck to hear but many economically lower class people, especially in minority groups like blacks or Mexicans, hold conservative social views that are bigoted toward the LGBTQ community.

  25. pretty sure all these chicks would have fire pussy it’s kind of their schtick

  26. I honestly think a lot of middle class girls are like this but just hide it better. These girls are just way more open about it because in their circles it’s not as taboo to be like this.

  27. you're too early to post that here but give it a couple of years this sub will have come round to it.

  28. What is the difference in how we communicate? What aspects do the genders place value on?

  29. Women are very communal creatures and their values revolve around this. Chatting is a communal bonding experience for women. The actual content isn't that important, it is more about showing you are agreeable to the group.

  30. This show is essentially like a nature documentary. Except instead of wild animals, it's these kinds of girls. The girls that people who never touch grass never get to experience. So that's why they're there.

  31. I don’t like to use the word “triggered”, but damn this dumb wojak meme really struck something within you, didn’t it.

  32. I don’t like to use the word “triggered”, but damn this dumb post really struck something within you, didn’t it.

  33. I don’t like to use the word “triggered”, but damn this dumb post really struck something within you, didn’t it.

  34. He had Richard Wolff on. And then Douglas Murray as a counter. It's not just about tech any more.

  35. probably this. conservatives are quite in line with democrats. Britain is extremely left leaning, economically wise at least.

  36. Ever since her first line in the teaser "haven't you ever wondered what's out there??" it's not been looking good. Then there's an interview where the actor mentions how her character is all about breaking the traditions of their people. Now it's this, that she alone has some sense that this guy is special.

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