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  1. After China quit buying the world's trash the majority of what everyone puts in those recycling bins actually started being burnt in incinerators to produce power, I'm guessing they are just cutting out the middle man and burning it onsite now lol.

  2. Yeah but you can be told to leave. If you don't, the cops will help you leave. It's hilarious how many people post videos claiming racism that conveniently start after an initial confrontation that could completely change the tone and context of the clip.

  3. I mean, yeah. It's a real illusion but it's physically impossible so no. It's called an illusion because it's not really as it appears. I think you were going for a "real object" meaning not a photoshopped image, maybe?

  4. Every time I see one of these, I think noodlers are that much more crazy for randomly shoving their hands in shady places under murky water in hopes of grabbing a catfish.

  5. I live in south Alabama and can attest to these results. You wouldn’t believe what people put in their bodies.

  6. lol tell that to all the women in prison for murdering their husbands and tried the "he abused me" defense. This post illustrates more about how our society over generalizes and takes stereotypical thinking to extremes by sensationalizing isolated examples rather than proving anything beyond this one guy is creepy. That quote smells of the bipolar mentality about feminism much of the last 2 generations seem to have. "We can do anything men can but we need to be protected from them." LMAO

  7. Just trying to be like his role models in the "professional" game.

  8. Those look like cigarettes but (if I remember right) this guy rolled up animal poop and smoked it. I'd imagine the media outlet has to censor it because it's poop.

  9. I mean... what did they say that was wrong? Am I missing something?

  10. They said too much truth. That doesn't mix well with people living a delusion existence.

  11. Imagine having a police force that cares about life, and serves and protects.

  12. Most of the scumbags in these clips aren't worth caring about. Just drop them in a wood chipper and be done with it. It's pretty simple. You don't want to be deal with the cops at all, don't break the law. You don't want to be killed by the cops, don't resist arrest, charge at them with knives, shoot at them, try to run them over, etc. It's not really that hard. Like 95% of the population don't do any of these things and never has a problem with cops.

  13. Everyone who says the US cop tendency to shoot people is the only option they have in the face of a violent offender needs to watch this, and understand what training can do.

  14. Who the hell says it's their only option? You sound retarded by speaking in the those same absolutes. Any time I see or hear "Everyone who" at the beginning of a disparaging remark, I am reminded of very closed minded over generalization and prejudice that bigots or sexists have as a general mindset.

  15. There comes a point when someone's just compensating for something...

  16. I see they all scattered like roaches when he got to his feet.

  17. "Dirty lightning" is a pretty misleading term when it's a build up and discharge of static from the pyroclastic flow's ash particles colliding.

  18. Yeah, I mean that's what happens when you develop in a region that has been a regular hurricane landfall zone going back forever. I have no sympathy for these people or those caught in wildfires in the west. If you want the benefits of beachfront property or a back yard that is forest, you can't really bitch or cry for sympathy when the obvious drawbacks of natural disasters that have existed in those areas long before people infested them eventually happen again.

  19. Brominated veg oil is banned in the EU. As you know, it may cause cancer.

  20. It’s always all about money. They don’t care about Americans eating “real food” they just pump out the chemicals in our food sources and we wonder why there’s so much obesity and health problem in the US. I want to know if it can be changed but there are so many lobbyists and politicians behind the flow of money that I have little hope.

  21. Nobody wonders why there is so much obesity. Americans are lazy, entitled, and self indulgent, we also generally have problems with impulse control, moderation, and instant gratification. Couple all this with not caring about long term consequences as well as the excuse culture these days and it's a slippery slope. People are so up tight and geared towards being defensive about shaming, we have fat acceptance "movements" that try to normalize being overweight and damn near encourage an unhealthy lifestyle. You should feel shame when you start to use a mobility scooter and your only handicap is a lack of self control.

  22. It's hilarious to me that anything associated with bad events is immediately treated as though it's going to cause mass trauma by keeping a couple similar details in the media being edited. I've seen warnings preceding shows on tv involving viral outbreaks that use the phrases "in light of recent events, this content may be considered disturbing" because of the pandemic. While that seems a bit much, it also points to this exceeding obsession with mental health problems recently. Some of which appears to be feeding a hypochondria and compulsion to psychoanalyze every move you make to the enth degree.

  23. All the news articles say there were 48 people responsible for the 250 million that was scammed

  24. Considering they are made of silicone(which is one of the most prevalent materials used in sex toys), you don't have a very firm grasp of the obvious I'm guessing.

  25. If it was my kid, he'd bury buried over here, over there, and some of him was buried over there too. They definitely wouldn't find the whole thing, just parts.

  26. Every time I hear or read "they survived", I think "Yeah but how much do they wish they would just die now?" They say he survived but what if he is a quadriplegic vegetable now.

  27. Because the guy on the phone clearly spit on the cop. You can see it and hear them talk about it.

  28. I'll take when two people on the spectrum breed for 1000 alex.

  29. That's too quick. Skin him. Then drag him through rock salt and broken glass.

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