1. No issues. Adding RTV as a fix points to how reloading and equipment aren't for people that don't have a certain technical skillset. Just like 3D printing or car repair, it isn't fully for the mainstream.

  2. I see your points. Perhaps, I came off with the wrong tone. I'm actually a DIY guy myself, I work on European cars and motorcycles etc so for me a reloading press with these issues seems " Mickey mouse", which leads me to my next point. I feel as If I'm learning to reload with all these handicaps of a design that in my eyes doesn't seem very robust. Not only do I have to learn the fundamentals of reloading and ensure it's done in a safe manner. I have to do it with a broken auto index and inaccurate powder dispenser.

  3. Autodrums leak sometimes. Buy extra drums and swap them around until you get one that likes the fine powder then save it for fines. The plastic on steel is better than wearing out the steel itself, the little plastic piece is much cheaper to replace. I like my 4 hole and autodrum setup.

  4. I should have clarified. It's the black housing plastic itself, not the actual drum. I took it apart and used RTV and sealed it up back up. Yeah, I agree I'm willing to wager Lee would send me the square ratchet for free also.

  5. Speaking of Isonzo. I went to the Dolomites this past month. Monte Piana had WW1 Italian and Austrian trenches and tunnels still preserved as if they were being used. Beautiful area, hard to imagine a war up in those mountians.

  6. It's plenty of restored WW1 trenches and bunkers alpng the italian front, most were restored in the last couple decades. About 20-30 years ago it was still mostly untouched, plenty of war relics just lying around.

  7. I saw alot of the war relics from Monte Piana actually in a Museum in Salzburg Austria nearby. When I was hiking around, I didn't see much or anything in the form of relics. Those areas have been pretty much cleaned out . Just trenches, bomb craters and tunnels. Maybe if I explored the tunnels more. What really impressed me was the length and how long the tunnels were, all dug into white Dolomite rockside. All impressive.

  8. Don't waste your time engaging with them, they will never have a cogent answer for this beyond "enforce our current laws" because they know our current laws don't affect them.

  9. Measure 114 doesn't even effect crininals. If anything it'll just piss off law abiding citizens who will sue the state of Oregon wasting tax payer money. All of these measures have been heard at the Supreme Court level and remanded back and forth at the 9th circuit.

  10. I am going to thoroughly enjoy this if were dissecting word for word the premise of my arguments. Usually on Reddit, posters suffice with a surface level response. It seems you're wanting to engage in a more articulate conversation, therefore I can better make my points.

  11. I’m picking up some PPU right now. it’s gonna get expensive though.

  12. Do you reload at all? I've got 7.5x55 dialed in for reloads. It's been a great learning experience.

  13. Good deal man. 👍 Or whatever your preferred pronoun is. He/his. Her/hers

  14. He was right about Iraq’s possession of WMDs. Too bad he was so easy to discredit then. I think his bitterness has made him decide to shill for anyone opposed to the US. (I think it was this guy who also had a S&M dungeon and Tariq Aziz was able to provide the photos- it’s been a long time). But I can totally see this bag of perversion going in for Putin.

  15. He's articulate about alot of geopolitical analysis from what I've seen and heard. There's a CSPAN senate video of Biden chastising him about Iraqi ( from 1999) Weapons inspections telling Ritter he's acting above his " pay grade" must watch if you haven't seen it.

  16. Yes but the m1 is on something like revision 5, m1a5?

  17. M1A2SEPV3 or something like that now. All digital datalinks and more advanced sensors, etc.

  18. Sarcasm aside and the references from Enemy at the Gates ( which is historically inaccurate according to vets of the great patriotic war)

  19. The irony of 114 passing would be portlanders STILL dealing with insane amounts of gun violence.

  20. It won't effect crininals in the slightest. It'll piss off alot of law abiding gun owners to sue the state into oblivion when Oregon State Police can't implement a permit system for months.

  21. I think you are misinformed. The Russian reserves are nothing like the US national guard. Russian reserves do not undergo the regular training that the US does. Perhaps you should take your own advice about not commenting without factual information

  22. I'll reiterate my last paragraphs for you. I said Russia is mobilization is similar to what our Inactive Ready Reserves are in the US. Thats everything I've read or heard about the Russian military system also. They're calling up on prior service members for mobilization.

  23. Seems you don’t even know what you wrote. Just accept that you are wrong and move on

  24. Lol. You have failed to provide any citations. So I'll do it for you since you're incapable of providing anything of value other than two sentence responses. Please enlighten me with your experiences or how am I'm wrong. It seems your failing to understand differences with National Guard/reserves with the IRR or Inactive Ready Reserves which is two different animals.

  25. dobre dan! There is also a community of people from the Balkans in Oregon. My wifes uncle lived here for many years. He moved back to Croatia to enjoy his new life in Pula.

  26. TL;DR Russians lack the equipment, training, leadership, and history for them to be successful in below freezing warfare. They’re the (historically) worst at it.

  27. You should read about how the Russians pushed out American forces in Vladivostok around the transiberian railroad during the North Russian intervention. I thought the Russians being drafted are inactive ready reserves with prior military background? Not random off the street

  28. if you need some help on reloading. I went down that rabbit hole for 7.5x55 swiss. It's a matter of trial and error and trying to nail down the COL for the bolt to close.

  29. That is because as H-Bombs became available those bunkers would be atomized. I’m not even kidding, the sheer destructive power of an H-Bomb is unfathomably destructive. That weapon alone is why the Office of Civil Defense was decommissioned. There was no point in trying to survive an H-Bomb and exactly why it became imperative the Cold War never went hot.

  30. That's what I heard too. At the same token if they weren't survivable then why would all the branches of government have bunkers and shelters? NORAD in Colorado Springs, Raven Rock in Virginia for the executive branch, etc.

  31. only the Finns will survive en masse have you seen their bunkers?

  32. I've heard the rumors of them. Just looked up a article about them. Helsinki has 500+ bunkers enough for 600k people to survive months. Crazy.

  33. 4k5 says:

    So their prices on swiss rifles is reasonable? I'm toying with buying a $700 k31 from them vs a $400 center-fire systems one.

  34. I typically like the CMP forums as they are pretty good about not letting people just by things and relist them there for a markup. What did you get if I may ask? I would 100% agree about the K31 though. I love mine and to be honest id take it almost any day. The bolt is super smooth and fast. The K31 is pretty much amazing in my book.

  35. Sure, I bought a 6.8 million serial Springfield M1. The ME<1 and TE2. The bore looks amazing after me curiously using a bore scope. I paid 1400 shipped.

  36. Have you ever looked into getting a C&R. It will be the best $30 you will ever spend. No more FFL transfers. It will also be the most expensive $30 you ever spend. Yea, I don't buy to much off gunbroker. Every now and again ill see something that is fair or goes for a decent price and ill snag it but usually only the more uncommon stuff. I bought a M1871/94 Uruguayan Mauser a few weeks ago off gunbroker because it was a decent price and to be fair its not like most people are out looking for them. $399 is a great price for a K31. I may have to get another.

  37. I have. Unfortunately after much research I found that 03 FFL are pretty much worthless after a ambiguous law required all sales to have a background check in Oregon.The law makers excluded collectors. I could still get my 03 FFL and possibly have them shipped, its a grey area. My local home 01 FFL guy said he could supervise the transfer. Its dumb. 😒

  38. At least in Oregon they pump our gas 😂⛽

  39. Me and my wife recently came back from Germany, Austria. We used Salzburg as our base.

  40. It's a fucked situation. The mother is emotionally a train wreck. I understand the premise of the videos, but the whole sales pitch of doing trades, exchanges for Ukrainian soliders is a but unrealistic and stressful for the Pows mom to carry out.

  41. I don't understand the point of this video. The PASGT and ACH helmet all work the same including the Russian one. The fabric part is known as a " cover" the kevlar lining is very similar to ours. I cant say how thick it is. Helmets are only rated to withstand 9mm rounds and frag from shrapnel. Theres some occasions where it can stop rifle rounds, alot of them get blocked by NVG mounts, etc

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