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  1. Diesel vehicles can be very adaptable....SPECIALLY if they are new.

  2. What do you think he'll do to those that oppose him this time around?

  3. You mean like weaponizing the department of Justice against his political opponents? Or maybe mandating that people take a vaccine to keep their jobs? Or putting people under artificial energy scarcity to control them

  4. Yep....but this time around we will call it Karma or payback!

  5. Six months ago you would have been banned, cancelled, doxxed, unemployed, FBI raided and having to live (and poo) in a San Francisco sidewalk....for saying something like that!

  6. "Jim Jones LOVES Kool aid!"......Gordon Gekko - 1987

  7. It's still cringe. The point is this, if you didn't take the jab there's no point using terms like pureblood to distinguish yourself from those who did and use terms like antivaxxer. It just plays into this whole divisiveness.

  8. Imagine someone wanting me to lose my job...or in a concentration camp....or gassed!

  9. The Trump haters are NOT interest in facts. These folks are having wet-dreams about Trump going to Jail for some imaginary crime....AGAIN!

  10. Is this lunacy a side effect of the boosters?

  11. I am not vaccinated. Biden is a total piece of shit along with 95% of the DNC/democrats... Is this what brainwashing did to you? Made you think a greasy new York wanna be socialite is your savior and that everyone who doesn't think so just has to love the democrats?

  12. SS: Why do they always fall for it? RussiaGate...Vaxx...Nuclear Hoax....

  13. Honest question.... If this all goes south for Trump, does DeSantis not pardon him on day one of his presidency???

  14. No, you've forgotten that he claimed there were 3 million fraudulent votes...right after realizing he lost the popular vote by 2.87 million.

  15. Envy is a terrible thing....and a sin as well (if you cared about religion).

  16. That’s the story. What turns out to be true is yet to be seen.

  17. If the BEST IN THE WORLD is not allowed to compete....it is NOT a competition.

  18. It gives me GREAT pleasure knowing that folks are getting EXACTLY what they voted for!

  19. The MOST surprising part of this post is that....folks out there are still using Facebook!

  20. How many "World" problems would simply vanished....if 90% of the population was gone?

  21. Folks around the World remember this bat thing......(some of them may also remember that it was ALL financed by the US Regime).

  22. Once the left start pulling their victim card....you know they lost!

  23. Why should I listen to what the pedos at The Lincoln Project have to say?

  24. Wild. Imagine raiding your political opponents. Accusing them of stealing nuclear info. And since you find nothing you then demand to dig up their dead spouse.

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