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  1. Suppressors were added to the NFA for poaching concerns. People were starving but someone had to think of the deer.

  2. it was rolled in during the great depression so that may have fueled the poaching.

  3. what an accurate representation of the ocean for that saltwater tank.

  4. just sight it in at 100 on your POI. Work dope out to distance so should you choose to take a distance shot you can apply the correct holdover.

  5. with the modularity of the 700 pattern 22s I would have a hard time picking an anschutz over one.

  6. a female with a kenpo staff will be battling a dude and his handicapped little person friend.

  7. what did the Portuguese do to anyone in recent history?

  8. you haven't done anything to keep the wad from opening in these designs as far as I can tell

  9. We'd love any help and expertise you can bring if you're interested in helping out

  10. I would spend more time searching shotgun suppressor designs because you want to make this attach to some sort of choke and you need to have rails or some sort of feature to keep the wad from opening up and grenading the guts of the can. At this point you have a 1 shot can. Take a good look at the salvo, the rex silentium 12g can, and some of the others out there.

  11. Who lane splits in a giant fucking bagger?

  12. Plot twist: they both got sentenced to a public stoning

  13. Some do some don’t. Depends on what model

  14. They are saying it’s impossible to care any less about it meaning the care meter is already bottomed out.

  15. Let alone 1.5 miles lmao. I bet this guys caught some trophy fish…

  16. Mark and Sam after work have done in a few times on their YouTube channel. Few others have sent rounds out that far with down range spotters. Now that they have solids and people are hand loading it’s getting more common.

  17. Rimfire yea, center fire rifle no

  18. I mean is there a mildly curious sub reddit?

  19. Between the staff and advertiser loss I haven’t noticed a change.

  20. thats more like those pies you get at a gas station but bigger.

  21. meanwhile people say I am crazy for living in the suburbs on a well.

  22. Cart theft isn’t a thing here so we don’t have them but the next city over does. I never carry change so the first time I encountered it I had to bail on shopping and go elsewhere.

  23. If he wants him he can come and get them.

  24. This needs the home depot theme song added to it.

  25. Reporters try to just report the facts. Opinion pieces are usually clearly marked.

  26. ...but who is doing that?

  27. According to the chart you posted, the FT, Economist, AP and Texas Tribune.

  28. But we know in practice that sensationalism sells and objectivism doesn't. I'd bet there is a direct correlation between how objective you are to how little money your media outlet makes.

  29. Pipes in the ceiling can also bang, hvac can carry sounds as well.

  30. Everyone knows the aliens built it.

  31. That truck is huge, even without trailer brakes it should be able to handle it at such slow speeds, unless the idiot was riding the brakes and accelerating the entire time.

  32. it looks huge but its likely a half ton truck with a big ass bumper pull trailer loaded with people along with a cab full of people and heavy wheels.

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