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  1. Yeah they’re pants to do yoga in, not yoga themselves.

  2. You don't see enough people actually smiling in porn... it's really nice 🤍

  3. Best kinda fucking. Both giggling and having fun!

  4. Holy crap he was like skinny-ripped like a few months ago, I swear. Now he's regular ripped. T is magic.

  5. Jack Black played a teenage girl stuck in a middle aged man’s body better than Chris Pratt could play an Italian plumber smh

  6. Yeah I think it's going to be like LEGO movie where the characters make it more than the actual story.

  7. people on the botched surgeries subreddit be like: OMG she looked so much better before!

  8. It's a bit silly too, when people don't see that Hey, maybe that look is what she wanted..

  9. Super hot! Also I looked for that color top at target and couldn't find it! Hope you bought it lol

  10. Holy photoshop, her arm and thigh are photoshopped to hell, LOOK AT HER FACE

  11. This looks like it's from a sports bra, it can get uncomfortable if it's tight, and the padding can be taken out.

  12. Can all transgirls do this? Imma have to have a chat with the Starbucks barista then 🤔

  13. Same here. And the successful ones were married for 10+ years before they even started talking about it, then talked it through to death THEN baby-stepped into the whole thing. I’ve people in their twenties who announce they’re poly and usually only one half of the couple is on board and it ends in flames.

  14. lol, valid. A lot of stores do pickup! And around the holidays they'll assume you're a good partner lol

  15. Fat Man was so underrated. Iirc people didn't like how that movie wasn't as campy and cheesy as the premise implied. I personally liked the slow-burn character drama aspect of it, but most people will probably prefer this movie. Looks really fun.

  16. So they’re getting it on the side with a stir stick

  17. Yep! Good barista. It's like when they say "Just a tinyyyy amount of cream, a drop", then bring it back.

  18. Lol money! I’d love to have surgeries done but they’re expensive!

  19. Etsy’s a huge site on par with eBay and Amazon so yes.

  20. Also looks like Natsuki and Yuri from DDLC lol

  21. So I’ve met a handful of people who seemed too happy while at work. And I totally assumed it was fake until we worked together long enough for me to realize they were just genuinely happy people. When I asked how they were so happy all the time, the answer I got from more than one of them was, “there’s a lot to be happy about/thankful for” and something like “we work too much of our lives to not find a way to enjoy it”.

  22. I feel that, I feel bad for those who aren't, but I have fun at my job (barista!) I make coffee and chat with strangers and actually like it.

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