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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. My fiancé should’ve been home just under an hour ago, googles telling him it’s still going to be over an hour to get home. Total travel time over 3.5 hours. Edit: He made it home after 4 hours.

  2. My sister drove back to work and is spending the night, she spent 1.5 hours traveling 4km, and had another 60km to go before getting home, the bridges and tunnels are a mess.

  3. Jeebus. Yeah I’d be doing the same thing, I’ve heard the tunnel and the Alex Fraser are a write off at this point.

  4. i disagree. if youre like me and not super crazy about sharing that youre trans with randos, you could ask for their opinion. like a hypothetical or just getting their stance on ppl in the community. ofc its not always gonna be the same as ppl can act differently once it actually happens. ig it depends on how open you are about it.

  5. This guy is already at the point of calling this girl their girlfriend, they’re not a rando, and they’ve moved past the dating stage.

  6. yall are killing me 😭😭 im not talking to OP. im replying to someones comment. i already said its just how i personally would go about it if you dont like the idea of just telling everyone youre trans. and not to mention, also said its not always gonna be the same

  7. The comment you are replying to is specifically mentioning telling partners.

  8. I think I paid 48$ the past 2 years at the scouts tree lot in maple ridge, for a 5ft Fraser fir.

  9. Isn’t baiting illegal except for vermin? If fish and game caught you poaching like that in Idaho they’d shoot you and everyone would throw a party. They take their wildlife very very seriously here.

  10. It’s going to vary depending on where you live. Reddit is also international, so don’t forget about other countries where they hunt BB’s like Canada.

  11. For me it's literally "not cis men", that's my only gender criteria

  12. What’s makes the difference between a cis and trans man to you?

  13. How they were socialized. CIS dudes were socialized different

  14. I think as kids are transitioning younger and younger, and as kids are more allowed to express their chosen gender when they start showing those traits, I think this will become a less true statement as time goes on.

  15. Had peri, nipples were never removed, still lost all nipple sensation and sensation in my pecs around my areolas. So having a surgery that leaves the nipples in tact still doesn’t guarantee you’ll retain sensation.

  16. Have you googled to see what they look like and how they operate?

  17. Some people get cold more easily than others.

  18. That’s why it’s better to understand how to layer properly than relying on one jacket that’s doesn’t allow for temperature regulation.

  19. Bro I go to work in the morning. It's -1 in the morning. I take transit so I don't have a car to store my coat in.

  20. You don’t need a fuzzy jacket in -1. If you’re from up North you should understand layers. That’s hoody weather with sleeve shirt over a t-shirt, as long as it’s not raining.

  21. They’ll start you in BC if you have no roots in BC. The RCMP has a policy of starting you out in a different province from where you have roots, so that nobody knows you when you are on duty. That’s another contributing factor why BC RCMP positions are hard to fill: if you are from Nova Scotia, why would you move to Sechelt or Fernie with their out-of-reach housing prices when you could settle in Manitoba instead.

  22. Every single person I know of from BC, who joined the RCMP, came right back to BC and basically to the same region they came from. That is really outdated information you’re working with.

  23. Why are you buying carrots at save-on? You don’t buy their produce and expect realistic prices.

  24. What veggies are you able to get for $3? We love chicken thighs and rice but want more veggie sides.

  25. Get a big bag of frozen peas and carrots, it’ll last for over a week of meals for under 10$.

  26. Exactly what I was thinking.. people just believe whatever the internet tells them to believe and get on the street to bother the hard working people.

  27. You think whats been happening in places like Iran, China, Ukraine, are internet rumours???

  28. Yes but not about the mushroom. You need to find the source of what’s causing the water damage, you have a leak somewhere causing rot.

  29. Good old American cardboard walls that require you to find studs in order to mount anything..

  30. Doesn’t most of North America use drywall? I’m Canadian and pretty much all housing construction is wood and drywall.

  31. Is this product unavailable now or something? I feel like I’m missing half the story here but I don’t have kids.

  32. Check the sub search bar. Shortage and massive rate of sickness among children right now. Children’s hospital is overloaded like crazy.

  33. Bestie, are you lost? HRT is super hard to access and I promise almost no one is taking it thinking they'll look like a "twink-y anime boy." "Testosterone will give you (male) secondary sex characteristics" Uh, yeah????? That's the entire point????????

  34. That’s not the impression I get from 75% of the posts about T on this sub.

  35. ops responses and tone tell a different story, unfortunately.

  36. Did you play their game where they try to shove their fingers up each others’ asses? Iirc, it’s called Kancho, maybe?

  37. Hahaha yeah it’s called kancho and no we didn’t. From what I remember that’s more of a younger kid thing.

  38. they also help make lunches. but now imagine all the parents in the states getting pissed because their kids were scrubbing toilets.

  39. Some private schools in Japan, the parents are also like this. The kids get away with anything they want because the parents are paying big $$$ and the schools can’t do anything against this kids or they lose the money. I did a two week exchange in highschool to a private catholic highschool in Maizuru, and we were shocked at how bad the Japanese students behaved. Very little respect for us, their teachers, their school in general. Our hosts families were mostly different and pretty well behaved, but the general school population, holy shit….

  40. It's pretty insane how people want $1500 just for a bedroom now.

  41. My partners old apartment, a 1brm in Maple Ridge, is renting for over 2300$. It’s fucking insane so 1500$ for a room doesn’t surprise me anymore lol.

  42. Partner lying on their back while you’re wrapped around them from the side like a koala hugging a tree!

  43. Ya generally you shouldn't be filming the tactical teams as they work, counterintuitive to let the suspects know how they make tactical entries. Feel free to remove your video and just leave a description though.

  44. This is about one of the dumbest things I’ve read on this sub this week, and that’s a hell of an accomplishment.

  45. So you have any allergies or environmental sensitivities? I moved into a house that has waaaaay more dust and allergens for me, and my gag reflex and ability to suck dick hard has gone waaaaay down. The harder it is for me to breathe clearly and the more my sinus’s are stuffed up, the harder it is for me to suck dick.

  46. Any luck with solving it? Honestly think this could be part of the issue

  47. Keeping windows open and trying to improve airflow as best as I can, as well as constantly running an air purifier. I’m also planning on getting out of that house as soon as possible.

  48. Look into prosthetics that have the option to use adhesive. I’ve heard good things about gendercat.

  49. Wait only wlw we’re allowed before that was lifted? 😭

  50. There a few countries where homosexuality is only illegal for men.

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