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  1. So what your saying is, " why aren't players making it easy for me to kill them , by peeking " ??

  2. Yup. I punch in… go do some chores, browse Reddit, get some food, do some dabs… then the game is ready. I’ll take 5min wait till over wall licking any day.

  3. Problem is the second part saying that following shots plays as OB and that "drive" is an ambiguous term as it could both be THE drive, as in the first drive or all drives from the tee.

  4. I dont know why you think the word drive is so ambiguous. As it literally is just a shot from the tee box, and is not discerned as being the first, second, or 3rd from the tee. Seems pretty direct to me, throw ob from this position, play from the drop.

  5. A drive isnt necessarily from the tee tho and the second part of the OB ruling states following shots, which leads to confusion, no maybe the first part in it self is not completely poor wording but the second part definetly grows doubt as to whether or not as you say that all drives from the tee are DZ. The fact that we are discussing this and also this threads comments shows that this isn't a clear cut ruling. But I'm happy for your input!

  6. You're right I'm that it doesn't specify the location, though most would assume from the teepad. Wording could better clarify location.

  7. As someone with a background as a corporate employee, this is what I have found to be typical.

  8. There is zero reason to stick it out through all of that with an employer with a better offer on the table immediately.

  9. My champ destroyer flips up more easily than my halo wraith from last year, but I still love that wraith.

  10. The nature of the beast is just that wider rim drivers will always be more inconsistent, especially if the wing is more complex / has more nuance to the shaping.

  11. I have 3 leapord3s in the same weight, plastic, and wear and they all fly differently. I have 3 different star terns that fly differently, and 2 destroyers that fly differently from each other. The variations innova has between runs is noticeable, but you're right that they make so many that there are bound to be those variations. It's just a frustrating issue to deal with if you find a disc you like and can't really ever find another like it again.

  12. Massive hit registration issues. Can hit a guy with 2 full mags, all bullets causing blood splatter, and not get a down. 29 ping. Wtf did they mess up in this update.

  13. A Discmania Origin I found in a nasty pond I wandered into looking for my own disc, which I never found. It's now my favorite mid for tunnel shots or tight gaps.

  14. If by upgrade you mean a faster disc with similar flight characteristics, probably a valk or sidewinder. Teebird is a different slot from a leopard, being much more stable. Also a good disc, but not really in the same family of flight paths.

  15. I always manage to get os valks with high parting lines when I order online lol. Have never seen the supposed full flight of that disc, but it still fills a spot in my bag

  16. Yes. Yes it does. Notice how they sprint up the stairs and are firing before they even really get hit? Almost impossible to do on current gen. The client to server delay is severe in this game, so on the defenders side (especially if they are on current gen), they are technically dead right before the attacker starts firing because on their screen, they see the attacker sprint and start to aim and then are dead, because in reality, the attacker has already sprinted, ADS, and is firing. It's called peekers advantage, and some games have it. Pubg has it, which is derived from DayZ back in the day. The attacker is already firing on his screen but the defender only sees the attacker sprinting and then raising their gun.

  17. Mine is a flip up to straight but i found it in the bottom of a nasty pond when trying to get my A2 I had just thrown in. Never found the a2 but the origin is my favorite mid even over my buzzz. Tempted to throw my envy here on forehand but my forehand release is all over the place.

  18. Most likely just hitting the big tree growing out of the hill on the right tho lol

  19. My ESP Buzzzes just won't beat in to the -1/1 flight in normal use. Instead, they are staying stuck at a 0/2 flight. Which is not what I want them for.

  20. Toss them in the dryer with a few blankets for ten minutes and bend them down for a bit then lay them on a flat table. That'll break them in way faster than throwing them.

  21. F then, my biggest reasons why like/d this game is because its simpple.. not that Everybody is Prime usain bolts climbing up and down speed of lightning,, you know.

  22. I agree with the running and mangling movement speeds needing to stay the same but the start stop is crazy sluggish and agility could use a little tweaking just so it doesn't feel like you're made of molasses. Though that could just be how bad the fps is making it feel even worse than it really is.

  23. 0 aces in 7 years of play. Nearest I got was a chain out on a 380 foot hole. Would've been nuts.

  24. Origin. Straight at the last tree on the left it'll slightly flip up to miss it

  25. Fact 1: there is more crime & violent crime in low income and poverty stricken neighborhoods.

  26. You make a fair point in one of the most condescending dickheadish way possible. It is possible to not be a cunt about it.

  27. Some people prefer throwing putters over mids and forego mid ranges all together.

  28. I have 3 mids in my bag that rarely get used since I can shape my envy better anyways

  29. She looks like Stu's psycho controlling gf from the hangover and acts more evil.

  30. Bc it seems like some would only be satisfied if this guys loses his job which solves nothing. Why does forcing those who made mistakes into unemployment make people feel like they’ve “won”? It just deflects the burden on taxpayers who now have to pay for unemployment. Who knows how many people rely on this guy’s paycheck? Does he have kids to feed? There’s levels to this stuff and unless it is something egregious, I think it’s best to just move on.

  31. Because ignoring it completely just allows this type of actions continue on without consequence. I am not saying they need to be blacklisted from every job period but you also can't go on pretending like they did nothing wrong either. There's a middle ground there.

  32. My problem is grip in the summer. I'm a sweaty mf and just can't hold on to it.

  33. Rosin bag 100%. I live in Texas and they save my grip.

  34. I've got one! Makes a huge difference, but I still struggle with z. But my local is essentially a windless swamp in the summer.

  35. Yeah mine is too, down low next to a river in a pecan grove.

  36. 🤣🤣 if you haven't heard of the clothes dryer trick you should go check out Robbie c disc golf's YouTube channel he's got a video on how to beat in your discs quickly.

  37. Definitely trying this with a few of my overstable molds

  38. That was an absolutely awesome shot, and worthy filming. Sick all around!

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