1. I have it for my bro who have some trouble with remembering things. No, rather he just lives moment by moment and doesnt care much about anything. He said 180 but not for sure. But also said that he took 2 in a one time? And also said that he remember when he took 200 (diffrent tab) and that was too much for him. I dont know if I understood sth wrong or what. I dont want to believe him blindly

  2. If you take MDMA following amphetamine, you’ll experience reduced effects, as the former is a dopamine and adrenaline releasing agent, which MDMA also happens to be - and both are fundamental in producing a lot of the desirable effects, in addition to serotonin.

  3. Sadly I don't feel anything. :^( Maybe something is wrong with my tabs... or maybe "boof it" was a better idea after all.

  4. It may dissolve or it may not. My usual method is put it on or under my tongue for 10-15 minutes, then swallow it.

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