1. One of the guys said reee in a literal, I will read the word reee, tone and either soviet or someone else said "did you just say reee?" and then something like "I find myself quite perturbed. Reee"

  2. Lol I didn't see your explanation here and explained it in another comment

  3. i don't get it, why not just make it so they win 60-40, then its at least somewhat plausible. Why make it 99+%?

  4. The problem with the numbers isn't just that a 99% is absurd, it's that the two percentages they gave at different points of vote counts makes it so that the second count disappears some of the against votes

  5. Did destiny really make more interruptions than this person?

  6. If you read the comments they are mad at the video that's why I said the comment section in the title

  7. Did you mean that the reason the left has gone mad is because of comments like these from people that haven't watched the video?

  8. Although twitch's decision is probably 90% self interest isn't it better if gambling is to some extent regulated on the platform?

  9. This entire thread is effectively justifying assault against people who don't accept the narrative surrounding trans activism because, apparently, it requires "digging" to "reveal" that he was not in fact cheering them on before being assaulted.

  10. Digging for information is now reading the article cited apparently

  11. If you can't differentiate between explaining and justifying that's on you

  12. holy fuck literal 0 iq person, it was wordplay on something I dont quite remember. It you seriously think it was racist come back to me with context. You are giving me brain cancer.

  13. I think it's documented fact, or at least there is compelling evidence that autism manifests differently on girls and boys

  14. Cone to think about no we don't want to incentivise getting bad grades especially not for people whose age means they love doing stunts and goofs

  15. The war will continue for the foreseablw future then? That's really bad.

  16. Personal theory though maybe others have also thought of it,

  17. What moves did you pull off? Did you bust out the piano at any point?

  18. If I had to universalize it, it would probably never be okay to celebrate for the death of even the worst person

  19. Or I search for the term principals and Destiny's username to find the tweets

  20. How could using the racial disparity of policing be used as self defense?

  21. Maybe ask him how many lgbtq people that are not victims of molestation would be enough for him to accept that these two are not related?

  22. Yea right! that's major cope if you think anyone's changing their vote from that speech 😆

  23. I didn't say change unless you consider peple that weren't going to vote a change of vote

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