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  1. What do you get now? Now that you're not in higher elevation?

  2. You are talking about the usual techniques not working... it's not about the elevation. Make a kind of peace with WHERE you are. APs may come easier.

  3. I mean what are the signs you get now that you're ready to leave your body? Besides the war puffs. Another issue for me is I have never left the body I usually just appear somewhere. Last week I did leave it but I couldn't see. I kept thinking clarity now, vision now and then poof appeared somewhere outside a mansion flying and went in and other people who were out of body were there too for a wedding. I wanna leave it and walk out my home and see if my cat can see me since they can see the other side

  4. There are Sky Tribes which are very particular. They'd expect you to be already grounded but not particular to cats.

  5. That all seems fine. My own shared experience is here in the physical and also in the astral when I get the opportunity to astral project.

  6. If you try for a specific AP and don't go you'll feel more tired for sure. That said there are areas in the astral that can help rejuvenate. If you can't get to them they are of no use.

  7. I think he makes great points. I'm still trying to confirm AP by giving my website and email to others while already astral projecting. Nobody has responded yet even if I get a name or email etc. I have interacted with loved ones while they were APing but they don't remember dreaming or APing with me. I never tried the candle idea. I love when he says how his candle was back on the shelf and not lit at all. That reminded me of my Dirt Devil Vacuum. Sometimes it's in a different place than usual in the astral.

  8. The only ghost I ever see is my cat. She is welcome to travel AP with me.

  9. Ooooh, my cats are like Astral GODS so I assume they all are. (They are all dead by the way...not like all the cats in the world, just my pets died of old age or cars...)

  10. An entity I could call one of my guides (also a friend and lover at this point) will show up to attempt to help stabilize me. I tend to be a hot mess while out of body! Phasing in and out of houses I've lived in, random houses I don't know, other locations, slipping in and out of dreams and such. I tend to accidentally leave my body. I can just be lying there early in the morning and suddenly I'm seeing my room through my sleep mask, in black and white.

  11. I dig it! I followed you here on reddit, I hope you don't mind. I'll subscribe to your YouTube once I get back over there.

  12. I felt this in a different way during another astral projection. Your objective is to "help" which you have been successful at. ;-) Try other objectives such as "beautiful" or "art." Beautiful art might help you to see those train-wrecks from a different angle.

  13. Fall while feeling free knowing you have that special place to fall into.

  14. It doesn't sound like you have a backup destination in mind or a clear target location for a first location? I might be wrong. In either scenario while falling you can still make an intention. I keep mine general. I treat it like any other spontaneous AP including falling up etc. If you aren't getting anywhere specific... command and intend to... "go somewhere safe and beautiful with people." Fill that in for yourself but keep it a doable thing. Once you get the hang of that you can add in more details like somewhere in the future etc. ;-)

  15. Just met a bum trying to hit me up for .75c? Was he part of your matrix?

  16. I would have used a command like, "GO NOW!!!" while focusing on a specific location outside.

  17. China is fantastic and massive in the astral. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Thank you SOOO much! I'll dive deeper into the subject! I appreciate the time immensely, and many blessings to you and yours ❤️❤️

  19. Happy to help. It's wonderous to have a direct experience of the light like that. Years ago I had an experience with a golden being that called himself a Daka. I knew nothing about any of this back then. All I could find were a few references to Dakinis. lol! It turns out there are Dakas too. ;-) Then I was asking around in various chatrooms because I wouldn't let it go and found out about the 21 Tara Practice along with a few others.

  20. I'm so happy for you! I'm incredibly interested in all of this and can't wait to learn more! It's so funny and cool how all of this comes down the chain! I'll be looking up Dakas too, my mind feels like a sponges lately and I want all the information I can hold on to hahah

  21. Some of my ancestors were farmers even though they were not from Virginia. I find it more interesting how out of all the children that died, we survived?

  22. The physical body inhales oxygen etc. I always plan on coming back. lol.

  23. Landmarks aren't going to get me. Frankly I don't know how I would look that up lol.

  24. I believe you. I just don't know how to help you. I do wish you all the best.

  25. For the skeptics like you... I always Google any landmarks I see in the astral as well as their history. Details won't be exact in the astral. When enough details do line up... you'll be one step closer to being more curious at least. Only you know best how your own mind works. For sure astral project some more and get more experience.

  26. Time in the astral can be stretched but it shouldn't be too too far. I can wake up tired if I stretch them out. I find it's best to be super grounded on Earth before APing. Hope that makes sense. Here is a long weekend example:

  27. It's best to hold your focus on AP whether you see an entity or not. In most cases not engaging is best while continuing to AP. Don't waste time. Get APing asap. That's what works for me. There are a few exceptions; however, they are rare.

  28. Everything you just described was focusing on your physical body and comfort level rather than where you wanted to Astral Project to.

  29. I found a method on there, but I’m curious about the target method work?

  30. The target method often works for me. You may not make it to your target all the way but it helps you get out.

  31. Most AP without even remembering it. Give yourself some type of Remember command as you fall asleep for sure. Then at least you can continue from there. Think of it as a kind of start your car or jet and get your bearings.

  32. This is Astral Projection. That girl in the market demonstrates this. A peck on the cheek is the best course of action most of the time in the astral or you'll just wake up. You can learn to demonstrate love and affection other ways that are not as physical.

  33. Please explain this "Somewhere Else" which is totally relevant in some way.

  34. It is one of the weirdest, most disturbing shows I've ever seen. It's about on par with Squid Game but in a different way. It's a mind-bender for sure.

  35. The unique giant rock formations and green meadow usually mean I'm astral projecting in Switzerland. I hope this helps.

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