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  1. Speaking of the lifetime, who is the huge old guy always trying to hit on the girls working out

  2. Did they feel bad when they created the culture of no one going to sick call and breaking down our bodies ?

  3. Because it's being published as a shitty Instagram post and not a clip in a movie.

  4. I am. And it tells me you don’t know anything for sure and are trying to have the mob attack someone based on what you think is true

  5. So let alone the crazy investment requirement, you can not buy any land in good places, only bangkok, pattaya and other unspecified “residental areas”. Sounds like you still can’t buy that rai of land overlooking the sea on the serene island you love so much ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  6. No employer gives a fuck about you as a human being so the veteran think doesn’t really count for anything

  7. Lmao it’s tempting tbh, no one knows how long we’re gonna live for might as well spend it while you can right?

  8. Exactly! Just to be safe buy a little Shiba Inu crypto as an investment.

  9. Fingerhut and a secured credit card that automatically graduates after 6-12 months

  10. I mean clicking on a link isn't gonna do much harm in itself. You'd have to actual download and install malware or type your credentials in a phishing capture.

  11. No time to educate you. I would rather watch you go through life looking like an idiot in front of everyone

  12. Longtime realtor with investment property and property management experience here.

  13. You claim to have experience and then tell him to look at “the books” there is very little chance the mom and pop landlords are even going to have “books” and if they do the chance of them being accurate is low.

  14. My moms entire side of the family is like this. Immigrated here and now hates immigrants after listening to Vietnamese conservative media (since conservative media was the only media available for their generation)

  15. Your conversion rate sucks it just means you suck at selling yourself. Watch some YouTube videos on sales and try again

  16. My upcoming appointment disappeared I just assumed they cancelled it without telling me

  17. Keep paying your mortgage monthly and keep investing in the market. Don’t let the news hype you up.

  18. A district that cares about students and doesn't support parents who feel fine forcing bigoted views on their children, I'd guess.

  19. It’s not your place to have any opinion on how a parent raises their child. You have no input to judge a parents views. You are there to teach basic education to children. You are exactly what’s wrong with the school system.

  20. It actually is my place to have an opinion. I'm free to have an opinion on how a human is treated. Being a parent doesn't give you special rights to treat a child badly without so much as expressed disagreement. More importantly, it doesn't give you a right to force any other human to mistreat another human, whether they're a child or not.

  21. Glad you’re not a teacher. Just another harmless worthless waste of air spouting off on the internet trying to make yourself feel important.

  22. Yeah, but there is no way my manager would approve it.

  23. Haha, I know. But the 'potential' for advancement might be worth it. That is a bit of a gamble, I guess.

  24. If it’s not on paper in black and white I would just consider it a carrot they are dangling in front of you. Once they got you that carrot goes away for a million different reasons

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