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  1. I am jealous, I never manage to decorate as prettily as a lot of you guys here.

  2. I don't believe that! Give yourself some credit - I bet you make beautiful things all the time!

  3. Nah, I don't have good taste. My real apartment doesn't look great either 😂

  4. I thought this was a different post that has now been removed where the OP asked for comfortable boots that fit and gave no other relevant information. I see that boots are baffling to many.

  5. I'm so small and petite that boots cover my whole legs so I don't have to wear pants. Hope this helps!

  6. I'm actually v curvey and 6 feet tall. Perhaps I can I lend you some of my old boots to use as rompers?

  7. !!!!!!!! FROM MY SWEET ANGEL JOEL HAVER, No less? Its possible they paid him for it?

  8. Lexapro and therapy. Sometimes you need the meds first for the other stuff to even touch it.

  9. Yeah I feel like this post is a "wow, thanks I'm fixed" suggestion. Like, yeah Thomas, I did try going outside and drinking more water, anymore golden nuggets you wanna throw my way?

  10. For as much as Prince was a musical genius, he was also a complete asshole.

  11. “nsfw? hm must be for graphic pictures from the war”

  12. Then how would anyone know? Anything I think would obviously be ironic because it's so obviously absurd and wrong - people say in sincerity. Like those stupid anti-vaxxers and Trumper truthers and shit.

  13. If you want to make false equivalencies, that's up to you. It's not my responsibility to tell people when to laugh.

  14. Okay. I'm just saying, many people will think you're serious and have good reason to view it that way.

  15. I'm a satire writer. I'm used to it. The trick is to not care so much about one joke landing badly. I made it clear in my replies my intentions were not malicious, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  16. Human: ... Also they are tracer rounds, so you can actually see them fly through the air at night, well kind of see them because they are super fast - hang on i bet the Gorblocks can see them with their support fast vision - anyways, inside the bullets are incendiary explosives, so even if you miss, they still have hell fire to deal with-

  17. I really hope Wendy's survives first contact. I want some wendy's chili in space.

  18. The horror film industry is actually secretly funded by the Churchtm to get more kids to believe in Satan and demons.

  19. The Loch Ness monster is the ghost of a dinosaur

  20. This is my favorite because once you get passed the conspiracy of it, you still have to believe in the ghost part of it. Why is there only one dinosaur ghost?

  21. The movie Accountant? Trust me when I say there are a lot less bullets involved with actual accounting.

  22. I’m sure he gets very good advice from the best of the best lawyers that could get him off. He just doesn’t listen to them because he doesn’t like what they are saying (in addition to trump probably believing he know more about law than all of the judges in America). Instead he listens to the crappy lawyer that says what he wants to hear.

  23. No, the best lawyers aren't fucking around with him anymore. Even bad lawyers want to get paid, and he's been having a tough time finding someone halfway competent.

  24. And boom, you're a woman

  25. Srs. As someone with both naturally large breasts and butt, I can attest that some men still think that about me lol

  26. I'm getting "late 90s movie set in New England, and the lead is running through a town having just discovered the big secret" vibes.

  27. Didn’t know they had a journalism side. I know they tried but who’d take them seriously

  28. Their journalism is actually pretty amazing, and they would be reputable if not for their dumb side.

  29. It’s her personality and attitude

  30. Did she say “managed to lose 1 pound in six weeks”??

  31. And fat cats aren’t supposed to lose more than a pound in a month, or it fucks up their health even worse.

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