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  1. I don't really get Matrix or Inception vibes as there's no diving into dreams or into an artificial simulation. I think it's more of a Counterpart x Dark x Loki x Fringe vibes. Counterpart and Dark have a similarly dark and serious tone and involves time travel. Loki may be more lighthearted, but its conception of the multiverse is the exact same as how time works in the Peripheral - where changing events in the past don't affect things in your timeline, instead branching off into an alternate timeline. Most shows dealing with time travel these days use the single causal time loop angle, where changing something in the past affects the future in that same timeline (think Back to the Future).

  2. I’ve been telling people it’s like Ready Player One meets Surrogates.

  3. Yes you'll hear it, regardless of your choice if you play the expansion the game will treat it like you spared him.

  4. Isn’t it possible/probable the mentions of him still being alive are referring to the fact he didn’t die on the beach with the rest of the Samurai at the beginning of the game? There are similar comments throughout the main game by random villagers.

  5. I just don't see how Project Insight could ever take off with Bruce Banner on Earth. In WS, Bruce Banner IIRC is either one of the names that pop up on targetting or one of the ones Sitwell mention. But we know (I guess Hydra doesn't) the SECOND that shot is fired on Bruce he is Hulking out and destroying the Helicarriers.

  6. The ships would have started in DC where they lifted off and taken out most government opposition. Then they’d likely split up and head in different directions. I’m guessing one up to NYC, another heading west toward Los Angeles and the third… Chicago or maybe down the east coast? It’d be a while before they got anywhere near Bruce I’m assuming. Plus Hulk would have to get to the helicarrier to do a lot of damage. Sure he could pick up boulders and cars to throw but they’d be shooting those down (if possible) as well as laying down a constant barrage on him.

  7. I might not, sometimes if it's too much of a drag I convince myself that it's not worth it if it's not fun. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. It’s not bad. It just didn’t get the long term commitment and additional content that people wanted. All the side stuff you probably enjoy doing in the story (hunting, fishing, random events) are available in online. Plus you’re doing it as “your” character, not Arthur so it can feel more personal.

  9. I think it’s best played after the main story and side tales. Complete liberation is optional, but I do recommend trying for Platinum and 100% collectibles/dyes.

  10. I’m a little ahead of OP. Just finished the main game and have unlocked the ability to travel to/from Iki island. I was contemplating getting all the dyes but from where I am now it seems like I’d need at LEAST another 200 flowers. Is there a florist I can hit up somewhere to speed this flower collection up some? (Yeah I know about the wind.. this is mostly in jest but also holy cow 200 more flowers is a lot!)

  11. I kinda did that. Thankfully I had saved just before talking to the boat guy so I was able to reload that save and NOT go to the island until later.

  12. Used to be a bug with that gold bar (PS4. Like immediately after the game came out). Can’t remember the specifics but something about saving just before or after picking the bar up and when you restarted you’d be able to keep picking it up?

  13. There’s a couple of small temples with hidden ladders. If you do the correct emote the ladder will appear. At least 2 that I can remember, just no idea where they were.

  14. I'd love some Spiderman VS just crime in new York. Doesn't need to be world ending stakes. Just high stakes for Peter himself. His life is hard enough I don't need to stress over an Apocalypse too.

  15. That’s kinda what I’m wanting for the next movie. Peter dealing with being a college student while trying to live the life of Spider-Man: crime fighter. Mix in Felicia Hardy as an antagonistic fellow student/Black Cat the thief that somehow keeps slipping through his fingers.

  16. Couldn't she be just scavenging the battlefield for materials or something? And then when she stumbled upon dying Jin, she figured she could nurture him back to health so he would be indebted to her and in return help her save Taka.

  17. She’s referred to as a thief by a few people. This theory makes a lot of sense.

  18. Because I was white and her mother didn’t like white people.

  19. Finally one I can relate to! She was Indian, I’m a white guy. She said her family would disown her and the community would shun the family if anyone found out about us.

  20. I am Indian. People take cast and community quiet seriously. Was dumped because I was from a different community. I hated that stuff. Now happily dating a Canadian guy..

  21. I really think that had something to do with the brothers decision. He was dating/just gotten engaged to an Indian girl from Canada. I remember my ex saying something about her family being from the “wrong part of India”. It definitely felt like he was trying to put me/our relationship down to lift his up.

  22. Paintball, more effective use of the bunkers, harder target.

  23. I am constantly confounded by the people that will pass an empty parking spot to sit and wait for someone to load their groceries, wait for them to back out, THEN pull into the spot. All because it was 50’ closer to the store.

  24. Years ago I realized the smarter move was to just park farther back but closer to a cart return.

  25. considering Daisy, blew up the plant... Probably her

  26. But she didn’t? That was Graviton that did it but assumed to be Daisy because she was seen on camera.

  27. Probably named after Charlie, but… don’t forget Penny’s father is Charles Widmore.

  28. Because of his magic eyeliner made from the ash used to make a ring around the cabin mixed with water from the temple.

  29. Lost loved one after a brutal fight against cancer. The funeral home provided me the option of hand picking the ashes. There were two large pieces of calcified tumors, bigger than skull. They have the color between charcoal and metallic blue, with a porous structure shaped like sth between bee hive and coral. Cancer is a bitch. I wish we could have euthanasia as an option.

  30. Just lost my father Saturday morning to cancer. Should be going to pick up his ashes/urn later this week. Hadn’t expected anything like this so thanks for the heads up incase I experience it as well.

  31. I’m just glad I watched it. When it first came out it was on Hulu and this was when Hulu was free but had commercials. It’s possible that I even had the pay version where some shows still had commercials.

  32. I was thinking Zora’s from legend of Zelda lmao

  33. I'm just impressed with the prep work here. How did they get all of those balloons inside one another?

  34. I do this all the time at various niece and nephew birthday parties. You basically just roll a balloon up lengthwise and push the bottom of the rolled up balloon into the opening of the outside balloon.

  35. The fandom is not a monolith. It might have seemed like that when the MCU was a phenomenon still on the rise and everyone was rooting for it.

  36. And surprise surprise, both Iron Fist and InHumans had the same show runner; Scott Buck. Also famous for the final season of Dexter. Known for bringing shows in ahead of schedule and under budget. It shows.

  37. Let the horse go by itself, don’t always press forward on the stick. If it starts to stray nudge it back on course.

  38. Sure she won’t be with Shield Agent Burt Macklin?

  39. I don’t really remember seeing a lot of talk about it in the subreddit. But.. I don’t really remember many theories about Tahiti in general.

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