1. Surprised no one posted the Friend's thanksgiving episode when they play football.

  2. Their Thanksgiving episodes are all amazing, but the one with Brad Pitt is probably the best one

  3. Tried here, no hits for any state searching by name

  4. Only other thing I can think of is their legal name is different from what you call them

  5. ....and then end up down a rabbit hole researching how said 90's band formed and where they all are now....

  6. It is fine guys. He didn't know, so it is fine. /s

  7. Finally having the time to play all those RPG games that I'd been meaning to get to

  8. Also thanks to the fact that Enya fucking rocks.

  9. I've found that when I feel that way it's because I am dehydrated. If I can bring myself to go drink some water, it starts to get better.

  10. That was my bed in my teenage years. I've since matured and now all the clothes sit in a basket in the corner.

  11. My wife likes to call my adhd "neuro-spiciness", which would make NTs bland.

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