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  1. Am I the only one still waiting on the "report" we were told was going to be provided to the community giving us a full breakdown of what occurred in June and what internal controls have been adopted to reduce the chances of such a oversight from happening again? Or was that report for VC fund investors only? lol

  2. Considering the entirety of the rektdrop hasn’t been fully distributed, the final chapter hasn’t been written yet.

  3. :4641:markets go down or else it gets the hose again:4640::4276:

  4. Both bulls and bers are hanging on a think line of copium :4641:

  5. I'm pretty salty Zaki is focusing SOOO much on LS that he suggested ATOM's treasury own "LP shares on Osmosis for liquid staked ATOM/USDC" and similar alternatives.

  6. This has been implemented for any readers wondering

  7. There’s a bug since refactoring the front-end some pools can’t be selected for bonding (or the appropriate bonding).

  8. thanks this should work great. something about that osmosis interface just isn't working today

  9. clearing your cache and restarting your browser is a recommended first step!

  10. Economy is so fucked. What is the point of analysts, auditors etc if they can’t even try prevent this shit. Early intervention is better than everything tanking.

  11. Bro China dumping Tbills is good don’t let this propaganda fool you.

  12. My real estate agent friend currently trying to tell me now is a great time to sell. Which, I guess, it is.

  13. Everything is a nail to a hammer

  14. 60000009099999900909009969% apy staking

  15. It’s really just up to the necessary software being built for LUNC and then implemented by the Terra Rebels.

  16. Thank you! At least we have a year which is more than what I've been able to find. Thanks heaps! Really appreciate it. I'll just hodl it for now.

  17. It has to do with it being marooned. Until external liquidity or internal liquidity rebalances prices it’ll likely stay deviated from market prices. Fortunately this deviation creates a large economic incentivize for Osmosis to open the IBC channels, now we need LUNC Rebels community to help do so.

  18. Thanks, but it still feels like a disincentive. Or, to put it more accurately, an incentive to LP instead of stake, and indeed to LP the "extreme cases" if there are any. Or an incentive to dev :)

  19. LP’ing has counter party and secondary risk that is more directly experienced than staking.

  20. It looks like your AUTHZ is going into Pool 1 not staking so that’s where your epoch went.

  21. This comment section is exactly what I would expect from Chinese owned Reddit-oors

  22. You have to have capital to risk in order to make millions from think the guy puts $1 in and magically makes a million? lol.

  23. Yeah I came here to say this

  24. they deserve the backlash to be honest. who in their right mind would choose 2 years to be liquid while earning no rewards?

  25. insert gif as reply for description of self

  26. i remember buying UMEE for 280 dollars during price finding phase. that taught me to wait...

  27. Yes hopefully at the very least people see the massive red flags.

  28. Well there’s two parts to that answer.

  29. Robinhood steals from regards

  30. why do I keep seeing this idiotic take on reddit?

  31. Because it’s copium fed from the top down by the whole system in denial of its implosion

  32. They've been saying for weeks that they've been working with the Osmosis team for the LBP. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss this

  33. Multiple red flags for this project invest at risk

  34. my whole keplr shit rn … can’t claim umee rewards and osmo rewards aren’t stacking no more :(

  35. Umee network is down for upgrade but Osmo should be fine what issue are you having?

  36. Friendly reminder to treat everyone with respect.

  37. I will say this is some fairy tale ending shit if it really goes on / stays on forever now get the burn off chain

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