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  1. Are these types of republican REALLY this stupid, or are they playing to their audience?

  2. Obviously it's a happy snake with ear-muffs in the last pic. :)

  3. This QMoron bs is gonna get more people killed.

  4. The Q moron is ROFL Their Ass Off at the stupidity of people. They talk about sheep, they are the stereotype of Lemmings.

  5. The average person will not be able to afford private healthcare even with a massive tax deduction.

  6. It's really simple if you take on the perspective of a poor person:

  7. Then these are no longer poor spending choices, they are class issues. Believe me I completely agree with what you have said. Is the average Canadian considered poor now? Those who should be "comfortable" financially are those who can make poor spending choices. Those who are living pay to pay because the system is against them (eg minimum wages vs basic necessities) is another matter.

  8. Dems - do onto others as you would have done to yourself... Reps - Every man for himself

  9. I sleep better at night believing Jar Jar is a Sith Lord. Never found it funny. but I'm OT generation.

  10. The "What If?" Strange, which ever one that is, definitely my favorite!

  11. Trump is great at one thing at least, he is able to tell these morons exactly what they need to hear in order to put their insanely mislead faith in him. Just another "Prophet" telling people what they want to hear.

  12. And they're already sweeping Logan under the carpet. Let's at least get the core X-Men out of the MCU before you start your legacy characters.

  13. No Thanks, I don't understand the love for Hickman's stuff. Just my opinion though.

  14. JSA, but I would want to steal Zatanna, Black Canary, and Plastic Man

  15. The sweet odour of burnt flesh by touching ones hand to a scorching hot handle.

  16. Had a girlfriend who couldn't eat them if the gills were still visible, completely weirded out by them.

  17. Why did they feel the need to make him so different from the original. He was like 800 yrs old, 20 something years wasn't going to add that much hair to his head...

  18. But in those 20 years there was the stress of losing a major war, and moving from a clean, comfortable temple to muddy slime hole.

  19. Daredevil, Moon Knight could be first but I would prefer him as a supernatural monster hunter. Kind of tired of the whole exploring his mental state.

  20. There must have been MILLIONS of R2 droids in the GALAXY. If R2 didn't say "hey you old fart, remember me?" Kenobi would have no clue and no reason to think it was THAT R2 unit.

  21. I'm sad I had to come this far to see this mentioned. Know your mother sauces and you can make anything.

  22. check out Alex French Guy Cooking on YouTube. He does a deep dive into mother sauces and found out that mayo was originally a mother sauce. He has even updated the mother sauces wikipedia page.

  23. I was thinking of something similar just today. What makes Pop Punk, punk and not just rock.

  24. Trump is playing them like a banjo in a jamboree, a godless man for a morale-less religion.

  25. Pepperoni, pineapple, green olives, is my go to. You get a little spicy, a little sweet, and a little salty. Love it.

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