1. Occasionally I'll uninstall chrome and reinstall. It'll have 50gb+ in temp files.

  2. My card's been ok as long as you don't care too much about ray tracing. That's going for about what I planning on selling mine for after conversion from USD.

  3. Okay. Tell that to my lawyer. I have one.

  4. If you’re worried about what you have to say getting back to you, reflect on what you say daily. It sounds like you’re actively scared of someone recording you and exposing you for someone.

  5. I'm not worried whatsoever. Just not so much into drama that all these petty employees try to create by tattling on each other.

  6. It didn't age terribly. As it clearly said probably. Not a fortune teller just relaying the same info that was out there at the time. Good job though for real.

  7. Yeah I read a lot of posts on this subreddit about the poor customer service experiences people have had. I’m wondering if this is something Beretta would warranty. I’d hate to send it in only to waste 3 months of my time and then they send it back saying it’s not an issue.

  8. I honestly wouldn't waste my time just for them to say you should have thoroughly inspected it since it'll likely never be noticed. I had literal hairs under the finish. It was enough to make me sell it.

  9. Unpopular opinion but... If cleeter teamed up with creator warehouse quality would be through the roof!!

  10. No. I dont know why people fanboy over the shirts. They're shit IMO lol I buy their other merch but I wont buy another shirt from CW.

  11. And now I get random black screens that last 30 seconds to a minute.... Thanks AMD..

  12. Considering you beat the shit out of the lower installing the bolt catch pin and somehow the safety selector I would suggest NOT hitting it as hard with your purse next time.

  13. Can’t lock bolt back on Ambi side. I’m not a lefty so only releasing on that side is pointless for me

  14. What’s the actual price. $500 is because of Facebook and shipping

  15. As I can understand Ray tracing is more like additional feature and not all games are supporting that.

  16. I refuse to use fsr/rsr/dlss. It makes it noticeably blurry to me and I’m not a fan. They’ve gotten better but still a pass for me.

  17. Not even every game actually supports fsr/rsr/dlss.

  18. Yea I know but any game that does I wont use it. It makes everything blurry IMO

  19. You’ll get an immediate performance increase with a gpu upgrade. You’ll get a higher performance ceiling increase with the cpu upgrade. The ceiling doesn’t matter if you can’t touch it.

  20. I suspected as much. I guess I wanna jump on a good price for the 5800x3d now, but I guess a GPU upgrade would be best?

  21. City skylines has some pretty low requirements. You might see some performance with a cpu upgrade. But a gpu upgrade WILL increase performance everywhere. If you’re planning on upgrading both I’d wait a little bit for the gpu and see if you can get a better deal with amd and Nvidia releasing their new cards.

  22. YouTube is your friend. The two cards aren't even close to being the same class.

  23. Fucking hell Linus, first the piracy hypocrisy (he as a person somewhat said that piracy is ok, but LMG, the company, did not), then the backpack debacle ('trust me bro' type of warranty on a $200 product) and now this shit.

  24. It's possible to believe AdBlock is piracy and also not care when people use it. He's stated it multiple times and during his WAN show before it blew up that he is fine with people using AdBlock but wants them to understand they aren't paying the toll. He didn't kind of say it he literally said it clear as day. Get over it. His warranty as stated before was basically they'll take care of you. That their way of operating was basically just take care of the customer.

  25. I still have driver issues with the 6700xt. Some games have been "known issues" from AMD in their driver footnotes for almost a year now. The adrenalin software is hit or miss some days. I don't wanna go Nvidia but sometimes you just have to lol

  26. P226 because the Prodigy isn’t a Staccato and I was not a fan of the Beretta when I was issued one.

  27. I was issued a M9 Beretta. The controls are the same and I’m not a fan. You can downvote my personal preference all you want, but it’s a personal preference.

  28. You should be fine with it. I've seen plenty of people with a 5900x and B450 Tomahawk

  29. Firstly... Why? You'd literally lose money giving up the OT.. They'd work you 10 hours a day 5-6 days a week. You'd be down at least a few $/hr if you calculated the OT/Salary difference.

  30. Because of this manager at this particular store refuses to allow me to work overtime, I would have to literally drop everything, stop helping people even my own staff to tail myself out of there. Thats not a lead, that's a clerk. I want to be in management so I can oversee, get results, and help my people succeed. This store manager is ready to fire me because I have worked overtime without his approval (30 mins to 1 hour per day). He's hard to find. I have to run over to the store while avoiding customers to locate him. It may take an extra 30 minutes to find out he just left.

  31. TBH it kind of seems like you care too much to work for Kroger.(Not an insult) Kroger would immediately take advantage of you if you were salary. You really should try and get a job somewhere like Costco or maybe Whole foods. They pay more and would actually value you a hell of a more than Kroger will.

  32. Honestly LinusTechTips, JayZTwoCent and other very biased trash reviewer channel should just stick at being salesman because they are so good at being sellout. Also its really ironic to see how Linus really like to make rant video to "called up" Intel or Nvidia when doing something "wrong" while LTT itself is the same group who have shady business as well like their controversy about their products warranty.

  33. FFS get over it already. You still mad about a warranty for a product you were never going to buy?? You don't know what you're talking about they're not sellouts they've(plus most other reviewers) both shit on all the major pc manufacturers...

  34. Every store is going to be different.. it’s what the job is now though 2 is probably standard for your store.

  35. 7800x3d makes no sense if he’s doing productivity, streaming, and gaming the. V cache only makes sense if your mainly gaming the e cores would be great for streaming and the E cores for 13th gen can now run productivity apps in the background while you game with the p cores

  36. It’s was sarcasm 🤦🏼 hence the second portion of what I wrote. It was making fun of the just wait for X. FFS

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