1. Are these guys the satanists that really believe in satan or the satanists that use satan as a rhetorical figure?

  2. The Church of Satan does not believe in Satan or Magical Sky Wizards of any kind.

  3. It isn't, maybe when blasphemous 2 drops next year they'll try to correct some bugs from the first game

  4. They are unless you have a problem with storage or are pirating the game

  5. I’m looking forward to it, but going to wait on the ratings. I was burned with Souldiers and don’t want to repeat the same mistake.

  6. I think it’s that room above mother of mother first room, in purple. You get in there through the iron tree (I think it’s called that?).

  7. That area is exclusive to ng+ and doesn't affect map percentage

  8. If you're going to do that you should go for an implant instead of a tattoo

  9. They revealed the sprite for the new spikes on Twitter, nothing else

  10. If you hold the same button as the blood boomerang you'll spend some tears and hp for some fervour

  11. Sorry, I’m not up on burning man lingo, What does “the playa” mean/refer to?

  12. It means beach in Spanish, I don't know what the burning man is though

  13. You don't have to buy the upgrades from the Mea Culpa shrines?

  14. Invincibility prayer, all 3 toes, wheel, tombstone and if you have it the heart you get for beating the amanecidas (ng+bosses)

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