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  1. If they are successful at killing people for food, they may be well fed and strong. By the time they get to your area they will be very aggressive and experienced. All I'm really saying is don't make assumptions. If I were in the country, I would most definitely get everyone in the area organized and prepared to defend my territory. In rural areas most homes are spread out, which means it will be harder to defend.

  2. The streets would be clogged with debris. If you live 20 miles out of a city then there is no way they are going to be in any shape to fight. Think about not getting great nutrition and hoofing it 20 miles with enough weapons and ammo to take on a fortified position.

  3. you should watch this video on who sets gas prices. Yes its biased, but its also factual

  4. so biased but factual... so if i give you one from opec explaining gas prices would you accept it as fact?

  5. I don't think you understand who sets gas prices. It certainly is not the sitting President, or any elected official for that matter.

  6. Its new appliances to move from ones that are making our earth uninhabitable. For people who claim to be all about contingencies preppers are often too selfish to be able to consider group survival tactics.

  7. Yes because throwing perfectly good appliances away is so environmentally friendly. If you could tell me how many years did the 600 billion buy us?

  8. No you're not interested in actually hearing my point of view.

  9. I didn't know butter couldnt be left on the counter for months without some gizmo. I always have left it out.

  10. Actually no silly child, wrong again, she died in 1986. Sorry you aren't nearly as smart as you claim to be.

  11. Why can't you use capital letters like someone with actilual intelligence? An no she suffocated after being released from the hospital a day after a tracheotomy.

  12. They also tried to prove Roy Moore wasn't a pedophile by planting a fake rape victim and trying to fish a soundbite that the liberal media was using these to hurt Moore. The scammer was caught with a background check, Veritas admitted nothing, and Roy Moore barely got voted out of office. If Veritas had their way, one more pedophile would be in office.

  13. cool story doesnt mean the footage of the doctor who works at planned parenthood was doctored.

  14. Well, just because an abortion happens at 30 weeks doesn't mean that it wasn't for a good reason. Is there no good reason for an abortion at 7.5 months? Are all abortions at that stage murder? You think 30 week abortions are an unknown phenomenon, and that they don't save lives?

  15. So I am going to go with your original assertion that the data is garbage. The biggest issues is bias. I went onto the page and looked a the sources. Pulled many of them up and in two cases the papers are quoting each other. Another one is quoting a paper that turns around and gets its data from a paper that was written by a transgender organization that got data from another study. I dont see why it is that hard to get primary studies on something like this.

  16. No funding for it, nobody with money cares past lip service so we buy their products. Small marginalized population that's wary of studies actually having an agenda against them. Small population spread out over large areas. How much is the incidence of suicide/attempts/thoughts studied for other similar groups? Genuine question. The nature of it makes it difficult imo

  17. Oh I agree acceptance can probably help others feel better but does anyone really have an obligation to go along with it. And do the consequences to society of going along with it outweigh the good it can do for the individual.

  18. Unsarcastically, the man is my personal hero and I think one of the great presidents. With that being said, we have become so entitled to cheap gasoline, gun rights, and meanness that it is like governing a nation of armed children (to be fair this is a little unfair to kids).

  19. I traveled for 5 years for work and have a 24x24x24 box filled with toiletries and crap like that. I have had friends stay over who forget a toothbrush or deodorant and Im like, hold one.

  20. Got a Generac 26kw home back up system for $1000. Buyer’s HOA wouldn’t let him install it and Generac didn’t want to pay to have it returned. Bought it at a freight company auction. Worked perfectly through the Texas winter storm.

  21. i got a 18kwh one from homedepot for 1200 because someone returned it from online and they dont normally sell them instore.

  22. I'd only have the security shutters closed while I am there during a tornado or local civil unrest. :-) I don't know why people try to piss on other people's plans. I trust yours are better then. Anyway, I am obviously focusing on other security aspects, down to spending $100-200 on a double cylinder deadbolt for the entry door (among other details).

  23. When did I say that anyone is seeing weather they've never seen? South Dakota is expecting temps 20 degrees above average. Kentucky flooded a few days ago and might do it again in the next day. I'm in new england and we're about 4 inches behind on rain and are expecting some crazy highs this week. The central us is baking and dry. California currently has a fire that became it's biggest of the season in just a couple days. So yeah, maybe nothing new but tons of weather extremes that consistently happen and would probably make any sort of community food growing very difficult

  24. "Between all the changes, floods, droughts, heat waves, storms, and topsoil/nutrient loss, who knows how well any farming would actually work..." You did.... or you inferred they havent had all or they werent just as bad as they were in the 1930s.

  25. No I said that because of all of that who knows how well any farming at all would work. You're a little dense my dude. Of course it isnt just as bad as it was in the 30s. It's verifiably worse. Look at how the averages have changed. Look at how often records are set and broken now. The climate is provably less friendly to agriculture now than it was almost 100 years ago. It is also verifiable that we have ruined a lot of the resources needed for successful agriculture, since then, like topsoil.

  26. When Americans are around, sure. It's commonly known (and joked about) how ignorant and monolingual we are. It makes us easy marks, too.

  27. so in other words i dont need it... know who doesnt care if they are talked about... the best. the reason they HAVE to speak English and we can choose to speak their language is because we are better.

  28. Tell that to the St. Petersburg Subway manager whose life was threatened in 1994 because he didn't know what the translator wasn't translating and then signing with the mafia behind his back.

  29. yes because people in the USA are just flocking to go to russia. maybe after they decide to overthrow their dictator but until then i dont see russian as a very useful language.

  30. You want a train track map if you are looking to go long distances. Trains run straight, roads tend to go the path of least resistance, which typically isnt straight.

  31. buckets of food. I bought those 30 day buckets. They are garbage. I made my own and had a lot more and better food. Also used 30 gallon barrels for bulk dry goods. A lot cheaper.

  32. Whole ingredients instead of "meals". We did bulk rice, beans, corn, oates, wheat in 30 gallon drums. The buckets have spices, freeze dried fruit, veggies and meat.

  33. IDK how many of each I have but I started with buckets, went to #10 cans and now do 30 gallon barrels for dry goods. The fruit/meat is still #10 cans.

  34. Are you using metal ring-lid barrels or plastic with plastic lids?

  35. Except it doesnt say what that even means. I live in one that says whole county shortage... But we dont have any hospitals or healthcare facilities in our county. But 15 mins away is a large new hospital.

  36. Your job is a prep. Get a job that pays well enough and is stable. Most likely bad event you will go through is lack of income. The world is a much nicers place with income.

  37. no. it looses its value being diluted when printed. then “everything looks more expensive” but isn’t.

  38. no you are absolutely wrong. when there is an increase in capital, demand goes up. Demand increase = price increase. Too many dollars chasing too few goods.

  39. fun fact: inflation isn’t everything getting more expensive, actually it’s the money losing its value.

  40. All the suggestions so far are great, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Going Home book series:

  41. I reload shotgun shells. More to pass time while watching tv than anything. But if I lived in some of these states that had background checks for buying ammo I would be reloading everything.

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