1. Mama crickets waiting at home wondering when the cricket swarm gonna head home from the late concert.

  2. Papa crickets going out to get milk. Will be back after the late concert… or will they?

  3. I second this. They’re not industry standard but they’re a lot easier to use and would keep your daughter interested long enough to eventually start learning how to use Adobe programs

  4. iPad or iPad Air work great as well. Check the refurbished section on Apple’s site

  5. Pick one that's almost always outside your blackout zone lol

  6. I am in Southern California and started watching hockey this year. I am now a Sharks fan for this exact reason lol

  7. Keep in mind you have to use snow cables if you go that route. Not sure why cables over chains but that’s what the user manual says. I haven’t used my Santa Cruz in the snow yet but I have driven my Subaru Crosstrek in the snow with all terrain tires alone and never had any issues. If you want something that you can use all year long while still handling snow, that may be a good option. The Falken Wildpeak tires have always worked really well for me personally.

  8. I have 5,800 miles on it. I know that warranties don’t usually cover breaks but that would be absurd if that’s the issue with so little miles.

  9. No necessarily. If you brake hard enough, it’s not that hard to warp rotors. It all depends on your driving habits

  10. I personally bought the weathertech mats and they’ve been great. For the bed, I actually use the oem cargo net and it works really well with keeping everything in place.

  11. Floor mats directly from weathertech. The cargo net came with my Santa Cruz but I’m sure you can get it from the Hyundai website.

  12. My wife is from Buffalo, NY and grew up watching hockey so I decided to finally get into hockey this year until I realized that I can’t even watch any games… I guess I’m not getting into hockey this year 🙃

  13. Yes. 10 years in currently working as a senior graphic designer with no degree but I did go to school for design. I am only missing a math class which I’m taking this semester to finally get my degree but a degree is definitely not needed. It’s more important that you know what you’re doing and can do good work which is 100% doable on your own. School is just faster since they lay everything out for you

  14. Thanks for sharing this I really appreciate. Yeah I have to rest up more. Even if it is that 30 min nap.

  15. I typically chug some black coffee and then take a 20 minute nap. The caffeine kicks in by the time you wake up and it feels like you had a much longer nap

  16. Yes. I’ve gotten 4 snowboards and a set of skis in the back of mine. I haven’t done 3 sets of golf clubs but I’ve done one set with plenty of extra space. You’d be surprised with what you can fit in a 4ft bed

  17. Same thing happened for me… I had 20/10 vision but after 10 years of doing design work, I need a very light prescription for my astigmatism. The glasses have helped tremendously and I no longer have headaches at the end of the day. If you can, just take a minute or two every once in a while to look at something off in the distance and that should help reduce eye strain. Make sure you’re sitting your arms length away from your monitor as well

  18. It is a paid add. I don’t recall seeing any without it but there’s a chance you didn’t get one. If you’re sure you were supposed to get one, mine was under the back seat

  19. I personally wouldn’t/couldn’t have bought mine if it was a 2 door. I think the majority of people who buy the Santa Cruz are crossover buyers who would like the benefit of having a bed but don’t necessarily need a bed.

  20. Maybe besides the point, but should I download figma now? Is it even downloadable?

  21. If you make an attempt to cancel your account, listing “price” as your reasoning, you’ll be offered a discount (they bring the monthly price down to 30 which is still absurd)

  22. I’ve been canceling my subscription for years every time they try to bring the price up. So far, I don’t think there’s a limit to how many times you can do it.

  23. All these high mpg posts are on the non turbo engine right?

  24. Driving conditions and driving habits have a huge play in this. In a NA version, I average 18 mpg most of the time since I tend to accelerate quickly and mostly do shorter distances. When driving long distances on the freeway I average 27-30 mpg… I have also seen almost 50 mpg at one point since that specific drive started at the top of a mountain and ended at the bottom of the mountain. Just keep that in mind when seeing these really high numbers.

  25. qdtk says:

    Exactly. I could overinflate my tires, take the heavy stuff out, and draft a tractor trailer for 11 miles downhill and probably get 80+ mpg.

  26. The big downfall is being stuck with a single focal length. You can get great images with the X100V but if you want to do photography professionally, you’d be better off getting something that would allow you to swap lenses

  27. I disagree. It might not work for you, which is totally fine. But for someone else it might be more than enough.

  28. I don’t disagree with that at all. I’m just saying that you could get another Fujifilm camera with the same exact sensor for a lower price but be able to swap lenses. The X100V is an excellent camera but it’s also a bit of a niche camera that puts you in a box. Depending on the user, that box can be extremely beneficial and it really helps you become a better photographer but it’s nice to have options if you want a camera to use for professional work. You can create these limitations for yourself with a prime lens while also having the flexibility to swap to a 50-140 for portraits and lifestyle photography if you wanted to.

  29. Graphic designer working remotely. I have a family so I wouldn’t say often but I make it up to my local resort at least once every other week when we have snow.

  30. As someone who just had a kid… I would go with the outback. You can make it work with a crosstrek but it’s going to be tight with a rear facing car seat and stroller. I got rid of my crosstrek because of this.

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