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  1. Wow, it's almost like armor needs something because it's been nerfed to hell and given nothing to do!

  2. its still strong, i agree that they have nothing to do but infantry farming but nerfing their counters and buffing their ai does not give them anything more to do then farming infantry a bit more efficiently.

  3. Given that infantry lives mean literally nothing, K/D isn't a valid measure of effectiveness for anyone or anything. Bolt-action snipers get very high K/D ratios, but they still aren't making or breaking any fights.

  4. if you are saying mbts are too weak you are asking for a buff in k/d, how many kills should an mbt get on average if 5,5 is not enough?

  5. No, I'm not asking for a buff in K/D. I'm asking for tank gameplay to mean something and not be shunted to the side by people (like you) who think K/D is a valid measure of power in an MMO.

  6. well, i disagree, i think planetside is a shooter first and an mmo second and while k/d is not the end all be all i dont think that a vehicle that gets a very high amount of kills on an average life needs further buffs or nerfs to counters.

  7. Because an emp spire wouldn't deter anyone from going up to all the construction modules and spawn tube to 2 clip em. And the emp spire itself would be extremely easy to take out since it takes like 1 tr carbine magazine to destroy a pain spire. Another problem is alot of people paid cash for these and your removing virtually all of its effectiveness .

  8. i agree that these nerfs are uncalled for but i dont think we should consider how much money people paid in balance discussions.


  10. Except destiny does have a massive brigading fanbase here to spin narratives so he's not wrong, really.

  11. i never seen any proof of destiny's community brigading while there are many screenshots and clips of hassan and his community organizing brigades.

  12. They brigade as in they're here always. They don't need to coordinate attacks, they see either Destiny or Hasan in the title and they're in the comments within the first 5min.

  13. A brigade is a call to action to a community to report downvote upvote etc, something like this.

  14. What is with you guys and not understanding that section of the interview? There were people taking the "hot takes" seriously in the thread deeg started too.

  15. The podcaster wanted to ask about hot-takes and provided one in a semi-humorous segment. Wrel then went along with the premise and expressed how heavy mains on social media have a slight sense of entitlement, and how he'd love to restructure the class, but it wouldn't be possible at this point [in the game's life cycle] without also upsetting a lot of people (the making people cry quote), and how he would specifically like to remove heavy from an infantry role towards an anti-vehicle role. He also mentioned percieving hypocrisy when people were asking for NWA removal, but didn't see the same sentiment for heavy shield.

  16. i agree with you that someone implies that he thinks a class is too strong when he talks about nerving them,

  17. Well the SA allegations were already out there. So I'm not sure how that matters. The supposed cover up side is what's under litigation here. So yes Train and xQc should have probably spoken about it as soon as they heard.

  18. i just keep it for you and give it back if they buff crabbing anoms again.

  19. Destiny helped xQc defeat Hasan in a debate??? LOL. That's like the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh where Pegasus helps a 5 year old defeat Bandit Keith lol.

  20. Ah ok I thought the leak that prove how racist and homophobic they were, were real

  21. hot take: while i agree that people shouldnt use "faggot" it doesnt mean that the person using this word is necessarily a homophobe or racist. For me a homophobe is someone with a hatred or disgust torwards homosexuals and a racist is someone with hatred, disgust or feeling of superiority torwards people because of ethnicity.

  22. that what i heard in a video, im not maxed yet so i cant confirm but it should be true.

  23. Bro, VS has won a majority of the alerts in the past 24hrs. They’re overpowered, bro. Trust me, bro. VS has crazy OP MAX bro.

  24. im sorry but i have to see your source before i can believe you.

  25. I'll give you G2A and the AMR, but the max is pretty good, and the lancer is genuinely scary. You can't call that the worst of the faction specific launchers with any seriousness

  26. i dont think the vs max and launcher are super bad, just that there are better versions of it on tr and nc. Lancer used to be good before cai but its pretty meh nowadays, lowest dps, 450 projectile speed and pretty huge dmg falloff.

  27. He is still a liberal and supports the status quo of where the US is headed. That sounds counter revolutionary to his own country.

  28. this is the "my girlfriend goes to a different school" of reddit responses.

  29. Remember back in the days ccp used to release new ships with new models + visual effects and new mechanics instead of just swapping into another paintjob and more meaningless stats crunching? Good days

  30. not true, navy ships always been like that, nothing wrong with it and modules are not tick dependent, im pretty sure multiple instances can resolve one the same tick

  31. You can make active tanking ferox with XL shield booster quite easily with its bonus for activation cost reduction, but rather for pve, tho combination of active shield and heavy blaster dps, its something new as Tengu is rather low dps sniper (if you know blaster one, don't let ppl know :p), and other ships that could be done like that hadn't really bonuses or slots layout for this. Prophecy could be a good brawl fleet ship, kind of middle ground between auguror navy and damnation(if used for dps) just to push its drone damage bonus from 5 to 10% per lvl since 50mbit dps is quite low.

  32. the prophecy might see some use in brawls i think so too but i hope they raise the dps so far that the kitey version does atleast 550-650dps to make it a alternative to brutix navy, right now there is little reason to use it as kiter because it gets overshadowed by the brutix navy issue that has more range, speed and dps, even the nomen has higher dps.

  33. Isn't the "Sexual assault" her saying she was uncomfortable? He didn't sexually assault her physically from her own account/twitlonger. I'm not on Slicks side I'm wondering if maybe I missed something.

  34. yes you missed the part where slick was touching her breasts while she was blackout drunk sleeping to "feel her pulse" there are multiple witnesses one of them was one stream saying he did that multiple times while people telling him to stop. earlier he tried to kiss her against her will multiple times.

  35. Why would you lie like that? " two of those instances he touched my neck and chest "just making sure I was alive"" Where do you see breasts?

  36. you didnt watch her stream, your info is not up to date.

  37. Well cant be surprised, A VS main trying so hard to defend his OP Faction while accusing all the other factions as OP lmao. you stupid fuck.

  38. why did tr and vs outfits switch factions to play as nc for ow and not the other way around?

  39. Oh a joke, I get it now, absolutely hilarious you had me in stitches XD XD

  40. you are literally shaking by the mere thought of a heavy nerf

  41. there is no reason to ever use anything but light drones.

  42. this is highly subjective but for me its amarr because i love slicer and retribution.

  43. In the weekend I don't work, I only play League. During workdays I am a true workaholic, I play League with OBS running in the background.

  44. but he has to play league without using any racial slurs on workday

  45. i hope everyone is enjoying their time in eve online


  47. try to continue watching it, i didnt like the first one but it really grew on me

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