1. “The man had demanded to see the pope, according to newspaper Il Messaggero. When he was told he couldn't, he allegedly hurled one Roman bust to the floor.”

  2. Don’t think of it as karma farming. Think of it as posting frequent helpful reminders.

  3. Please enjoy this video of humpback whales using bubble net fishing to catch fish (herring):

  4. Wait, aren't there microtransactions in the game though? I feel like you can buy stuff in the hub area that you can't otherwise get because of time locked events.

  5. The game only allows you to get those exclusives from the hub if you have unlocked them via the event. It allows you to move event exclusives to your main save.

  6. Any sufficiently advanced corn-popping technology is indistinguishable from feminine wear.

  7. In an alternate universe, the USS Orville was named after Orville Redenbacher.

  8. Per Google, NCCAT is an North Carolina teaching center that does weeklong seminars to introduce teachers to new materials and teaching methods (i.e. “the week together at NCCAT.”)

  9. It’s an amazingly bold claim to say that something happened and no one on the internet complained about it.

  10. Bah! Officer Fuk has heard interloper’s jokes before! Interloper dishonors his family with predictable humor! Officer Fuk will not trade multi-tools with you!

  11. As the monkey paw makes its final twitch, the room goes dark and you fade into sleep.

  12. The Enterprise is now sponsored by a shitty steak sauce?!

  13. Don’t forget to give said smaller fish the weight as well. Smaller fish must’ve eaten it. Not his fault

  14. Rewatch it with the knowledge that JJ Abrams had no answers to any of the questions raised in the doesn't hold up at all.

  15. It didn’t hold up at the time, because none of JJ’s mystery boxes have ever held up, and TFA is nothing but mystery boxes. I left the theater knowing the trilogy was never going to have satisfactory answers to half the unanswered questions JJ built that film around.

  16. In hindsight I think Rians movie was the only sequel trilogy one that wasn’t completely creatively bankrupt. I fucking hated it in theaters and still don’t like what he tried but at least he tried something. Star wars is like this Frankenstein monster for me at this point that nobody will let die. The real blame lies at Disneys feet for not having a plan for A TRILOGY.

  17. I loved TLJ from the start because it was such a blatant Hail Mary to save the trilogy from JJ Abrams’ half baked ideas.

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