1. I can't say I relate 100% i have never been in a relationship...i want but it just doesn't happen but i do know how it feels when somebody u love Rufus u and u think about them

  2. The problem is i don't trust anyone if they make me feel slightly better it's probably not even real

  3. Dude exactly thats literally me. First of all no one shows aby kindness and second even if they show its fake and made up. I dont believe in love anymore. Love is a scam . Love at first sight is bullshit. Everything is fked up.

  4. Ikr i am really just miserable at this point

  5. Its ok. Evryone gets through. Focus on yourself. Set some goals and biggest revenge is success

  6. My opinion is that try to use original in these kind of apps.

  7. One way is use threema or signal or else use original whatsapp not some modded one

  8. You just read my mind. Yesterday i broke into tears . The only thing that is making my life harder and harder is this brain fog. I cant concentrate, cant learn, cant study(my exams are after 3 months) and i havent even studied a single thing. The chapters which i studied are lost in space. I dont know what to do. Celiac done a few months ago was negative. Done thyroid tests multiple times all normal. Drinking liter's of water doesnt help even sleeping 5 to 6 hours doesnt help. These 3.7 years after my diagnosis are shit. And this brain fog got very much worse from the last few months. If someone has any advice i am all ears. Thank u for reading, just wanted that frustration to come out.

  9. My therapist overdosed on heroin and died. I never went back to therapy after that and that was almost 3 years ago now. I don’t think I need one anymore.

  10. Becoz therapist are the real heroes. They sympathize everyone but no one knows whats going inside them

  11. Who tf i am that i will waste the time of my therapist.

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