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  1. She was a bright and lively little girl! A little bit of arthritis meant she had a bit of a trundle in her step, but she didn’t let it hold her back!

  2. Same. Just bought a new planner. Used it the first day. Haven’t opened it for 2 weeks.

  3. I’m so sorry. Grief is incredibly hard, meds or no. The only advice I could give you is just to give yourself the space to feel it.

  4. He does not look amused by the shenanigans. But he does look absolutely adorable!

  5. I still have fabric I was going to use to make my daughter a dress when she was 7. She is now 23.

  6. I have a half finished toddler sweater I was knitting for my nephew. He’s now 25 and his wife is pregnant.

  7. I have a stutter and “W”s are hard to say. Does anybody have another alternative? I try to say lady/ladies but I understand that ages people.

  8. I'm a simple woman. I see Chris Evans, I swoon, I fantasize for a little, and I upvote.

  9. What are they teaching these people when they go in to study to become therapists?! I bet it’s super easy to get those letters that go behind heir names. It’s infuriating.

  10. I don’t think they’re teaching science. There are zero scientific papers reporting success with telling patients they are lazy or should try harder.

  11. Same! I’m so lucky tbh she’s the reason I was actually diagnosed. I went to her because none of the SSRIs my dr thew at me were helping my “depression and anxiety”. After ONE visit, my therapist was like I wouldn’t be surprised if you had adhd and I’d like you to get tested.

  12. My therapist also has ADHD. When I brought up that I thought I had it, she said, “Ohhhh, that would explain a lot.” She encouraged me to get tested and get on medication. I was worried that she wouldn’t take me seriously, or would tell me that was impossible. She keeps bringing up the fact that she didn’t pick up on it, even after years of therapy. I think she feels bad. But I am very good at masking.

  13. Folks, please don’t play with your dog with a laser pointer. It can cause permanent neurological problems where they become obsessed with chasing light/shadows. It might not happen to every dog, but it’s it worth the risk.

  14. Fellow hobby photographer here. What part of it is gone for you? For example are you still going out taking photos, or do you have no interest in that? Or do you still take photos but you feel like they aren’t as good?

  15. Also, from the other perspective, the downside we've seen from him being on meds are managing his appetite. He doesn't eat much during the day when he's dosed, and then is a bottomless pit in the evenings when his meds wear off. We've adjusted our lifestyle a bit to accommodate; we never used to be breakfast people, but we make sure the kids eat a big, protein heavy meal before school (and before his meds dampen his appetite) and we eat dinner a little later these days, and have him eat a second plate or a big, protein heavy snack as the first step of his bedtime routine, and though it drives husband crazy, we have an open pantry policy now, where the food kept available in the pantry is healthy-ish and not junk and the kids are allowed to eat anything in there anytime they're hungry. When he's in the middle of or just gone through a growth spurt, we'll skip meds for a weekend or two and let him graze all day to get the extra calories in. He's still on his growth curve even after 4 years of stimulants, so his pediatrician says we're doing just fine in that regard, and because his meds work well, we are able to work with him on learning how to manage some of these things for himself, and develop strategies that work for him; like this year's he's opted to switch from drinking milk with lunch at school to having a meal replacement drink (Boost) with his lunch, so if he doesn't eat much, he's at least got the fuel to get through school.

  16. It sounds like you’ve doing an outstanding job parenting in a challenging situation.

  17. Anyone who appeared in Star wars TOT qualifies as "friggin old" now given the original trilogy is almost 50 itself and the youngest person was in his 20s...

  18. The other commenters point is that it shouldn’t be, for man or woman. Our bodies have hair, and somewhere down the line we started focusing on women having less and less hair for attraction. Men just in general have more hair and is not judged for it.

  19. Old lady here. No one was shaving their pubes until it became popular in porn. Look at old Playboy or Hustler magazines, and most women were sporting a full bush. It’s absolutely not unhygienic if it’s washed with the lady bits. It’s pretty sparse and coarse compared to head hair. Very easy to keep clean.

  20. Oh trust me I agree. I’ve seen the old 70’s porno, the bushes look lovely.

  21. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to direct my rant at you. I just refuse to shave my body hair because of porn. I might be a bit defensive. 😂

  22. I was just diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD at age 55. I was confused by the dyslexia diagnosis because I started reading at age 2. My therapist pointed out that I wasn’t reading by sounding out individual letters, and I did have some problems learning to write. Numbers are terrible for me, and my reading comprehension is terrible if the topic isn’t interesting to me. I often have to reread paragraphs in order to absorb information. I also have an auditory processing disorder. So I would recommend getting a complete neurological assessment.

  23. I loved the reboot so much. Can’t watch the old episodes at all. I find them very slow and dry. And sexist. So you are well within your rights to take a hard pass. You are not required to like the same things.

  24. I’ll bet he doesn’t think bow ties are cool. Not a good trait in a partner.

  25. Don’t let him access your inheritance. Don’t put it in a joint bank account. If you commingle it with joint funds, you lose your legal claim to it. My ex stole my inheritance because I trusted him and let him “manage” it. Don’t make my mistake.

  26. That looks like a perfect day out! Can we talk about your knitting bag? I’ve never seen anything like that. I love the holes for the yarn! Would be awesome on a plane.

  27. So sweet! Reminds me of the year my dog got into my garden and pulled all the handles off my pumpkins.

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