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  1. There is soooo much evidence supporting that this is a hoax. And SO much backlash against Alex jones - the guy has been correct a LOT over the years, he was just early with a lot of it but a ton turned out to be true. The fact that Alex jones was crucified tells me that he was onto the truth and was silenced on purpose.

  2. So, I've never bothered watching (I skimmed thru this video mostly) any other expose video's because of how vaguely they're titled, but this one actually seems straight forward. You described it yesterday as a 'schizo post' which is pretty unfair to what seems like a fairly high level of work on one video and I went into it expecting it to be incoherent tbh.

  3. I had clips of the voicemail and more stuff but I couldn’t drop it without doxxing ED even more :/ I know what you mean.

  4. I'm not watching a 2 hour long video about 3 year old drama.

  5. Nevermind, my opinion is swayed. Your schizo video was well put together. Very thorough.

  6. Thank you 🙏 I know it’s long. It’s a lot to get through but I needed to be thorough.

  7. The ExtremeDaddyFesto - How ExtremeDad's Life Was Ruined by Vaush, Xanderhall, and Highyena

  8. Are derangepost manifestos the ultimate fate of all dumbasses on the Internet or just a recent trend?

  9. Except it’s not deranged, Vaush is a sack of shit who is literally never checked and this was one of his biggest abuses of power.

  10. Don’t lie, yea you do. And this will be more interesting than destiny’s 7 hours of monotone reading trust me.

  11. I want a real investigative journalist to look into it. Break it open like they did with Panama Papers. Not sure how talking about it beyond this post does anyone any good.

  12. Opens it up to a wider audience. Also, I have a few connections. If you want to talk about this more and spread awareness let me know.

  13. I've been having technical issues with Reddit ever since posting this conspiracy theory...coincidence?

  14. Hey I don’t know much about this, would you like to come onto my live stream and discuss it?

  15. I didn’t even read your post OP I just wanted to comment about how sad it is to see people trying to compare getting a vaccine to carrying an unwanted pregnancy to terms. You guys really are just the weirdos that don’t have another forum to talk in because they have all been banned.

  16. It’s actually you are too ignorant for you own good so to preserve the 80-90% of us that want to live in a civilized society we need to override some of your dumb shit ideas such as pro life and vaccine hesitancy laterally.

  17. If I can verify I have the correct equipment and knowledge base- I'm interested. How long would the appearance be needed?

  18. So where are all the dead BLM rioters if that was the case? I guess they are not reporting them.

  19. The officer was cleared from killing an unarmed white female who was posing literally no threat to him.

  20. You’re right if it was BLM they would have gunned them down before they got to the door and it would have been 15+ people killed.

  21. Well I mean is traveling in the back of a uhaul "illegal". Sure it looks suspicious. But, what did they actually do? Show up in riot gear? Is riot gear illegal now?

  22. I have a feeling newer and bigger sensor on fuji with the “better” kit lens might win over G85 with a fast prime, am I wrong?

  23. 100% wrong. Fast prime on a “worse” camera will look 100x more cinematic than a kit lense on a cinema camera.

  24. I think most content creators would be better off keeping their personal lives separate. For example, a few months ago Destiny said "Personally, I like League". No one needed to know that about him

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