1. Nothing on Energon? Because you can talk about that forever

  2. There’s something with Peach’s face that’s unsettling me

  3. Btw, I typed "by Odin's fade" into search bar to find this.

  4. Ya know…I never watched Young Justice, but all impressions I got of Aqualad was that he was the stoic and serious type. Like basically any Keith David character (for some reason the Arbitor is all I’m thinking of)

  5. He was also a secondary character in the worst season of Battlestar Galactica ( his performance was fine though)

  6. Benny in Fallout New Vegas. It’s most apparent in the dialogue from his sex scene, which is probably my favorite “so bad it’s good” mix of writing and VAing of all time

  7. He got the job because he shilled Fallout 3 on Ellen because he’s a huge fan.

  8. I fucking despise Handsome Jack, but I can respect Dameon Clarke's performance and dedication to the bit because that character basically wouldn't exist without him.

  9. To be fair with Wolfenstein 2 it was the fun kind of stupid. Because the halfway mark established they've gone full wacky.

  10. Understandable. Least it wasn't the first version of Casino Royale.

  11. New Order is ridiculous (there’s a fucking moon base run by Nazis for God’s sake), but everything is still treated very seriously and the tone of “we’re all fucked” is mostly consistent. New Colossus goes way too far with the schlock into full parody

  12. I really thought the Metaverse concept would be good in putting to bed the whole "There is/is not a multiverse" issue but it just gave them a golden ticket to not give a fuck even more.

  13. Indie film producers forget other film genres to adapt children’s media into exist. No seriously, if you’re gonna do a Grinch parody, at least be cool with it by making it an over the top action heist film or something.

  14. Ok a Die Hard movie with The Grinch as Hans Gruber is something I want now

  15. It's his brief post-Knightfall Saga design, it was pretty much gone after NML ended.

  16. …when did Michael Lane Azrael show up? Did he do…anything important? Did he survive the reboot in 2011 or is he just “the guy in Arkham City that’s not Jean Paul”?

  17. …god one of my first comics was volume 1 of Batman Inc, the one where Damien gets killed, and JESUS I had no idea what the fuck I was looking at.

  18. Wasn’t he a slave Gladiator? Basically Robo Spartocus?

  19. I believe James Roberts wrote Megatron Origin and described him as a mix of Hitler, Marx and Lenin

  20. I feel like it's a product of the fact that they had to rush the ending when they canceled and rebooted Transformers. Everything really could have used more time to sit/get fleshed out.

  21. Yeah Roberts has said that he had to really truncate things because of the reboot.

  22. spoony's reviews have aged like milk in the sun but there are two things i still like watching:

  23. The one I’ll still hold him to is that Tidus is fucking annoying

  24. He’s either the strong silent type or the dumbest thing in the universe

  25. In my headcanon I split the difference, he’s not a moron but he’s so socially awkward and intimidating that every conversation with the guy feels like a hostage negotiation

  26. Everyone thinks he’s intimidating but he’s actually just shy

  27. Was gonna say make Fractyl out of the target Terrorsaur since I saw your Wreckers post

  28. Hey Roy, remember that time your dad beat the shit out of you for doing drugs?

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