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  1. What the actual F?!?! Where you located? I’ll do it for $500 and you get the inspection. This is ridiculously easy.

  2. I didn’t love the white $1k option but bought it because I hate the wood look so much.

  3. Looks amazing. Love this stealth shit but I’m a cheap bastard and won’t do it. I will just come here and admire yours. Well done!!!

  4. What the ever loving Fu-k!!!! Picking mine up next Sunday. Sorry friend. That sucks. I hope the other asshole’s phone made out ok.

  5. I ordered AU Tailors. Supposed to get them tomorrow. I’ll let you know how they look. Good luck.

  6. BTW you will curb the rims…just keep breathing. Also my understanding is replacement Vredstein tires should prevent this. I will fix the rims at that point.

  7. Really? If you ever learned to drive, you wouldn’t “curb” your wheels. Put the fucking phone down and just pay attention. Just that easy.

  8. I have the same problem here in Tennessee my personal plate expired end of July so I have to get the temp plate from Tesla then hopefully get my personal plate a week later. OD was Oct 2nd got a vin Aug 7 for a MYLR m/s/m with white interior Gemini wheels EDD is 23-27

  9. Don’t fuck with tires when you only have two. $500 a lot cheaper than a chopper ride to the hospital. Just my .02

  10. Congrats. I ordered a my red MYP last Thursday. And on Friday given a VIN. Picking up tomorrow. Only a week after ordering. Definitely got lucky.

  11. End of quarter. Deliver. Deliver. Deliver! Seriously good for you! Enjoy it. Fuck. Just want mine. Ha! Still wouldn’t want to live in CA. Cheers!

  12. How much would it cost to have a whole hood repainted? Probably not $12k. Just a thought.

  13. I think most people who pursue this line of work have times like this. It’s a tough industry with tons of rejection and periods of stagnation. It’s why so many people give up or change focus. My recommendation would be to keep auditioning, but also take classes and practice outside of auditions.

  14. Without question, listen to to butter bean. Read EVERY day! Get coaching. Invest in you. I just joined VDC, and although I haven’t been booked through this site yet, I can tell my reads are getting better and better. My listen to shortlist ratio is 25%. It will come. Just believe in yourself. As the saying goes, Success is when hard work meets opportunity. Do the hard work. Seek the opportunity. Best of luck.

  15. This is solid advice. Also, master slow riding and clutch control will help you greatly. You are more likely to lay it down at slow speeds or coming to a stop. Take your time and ride your own ride. Never try to keep up with someone else or ride above your experience level. Just have fun and keep practicing. Take a motorcycle safety course. I took mine about 20 years after I first rose a motorcycle and couldn’t believe how much I learned. The best couple hundred bucks I ever spent. Be safe and have a blast. Great looking ride!

  16. I'd love to see a video on fork oil change.

  17. Great idea, however, I would probably honestly have the dealer do that. I know my limits. Like the suggestion and feedback though. Thanks.

  18. In the order that’s most convenient to you.

  19. Awesome and thank you for the feedback. Hope to have the first one up on Sunday. Trying to post one every week. Hope it is useful. Cheers! I’ve done three other videos so far and trying to make them concise and to the point. Not a pro YouTube guy (nor do I want to be) but do like putting things out there that others might find value in.

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