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  1. K1MAN used to broadcast around 14275, yeah? I know he died fairly recently. I was within his skip zone, so I never actually heard him.

  2. Glenn Baxter - I miss his animated gifs on his 90s era website.

  3. Not that I want to give anyone ideas - but even 20 years ago in California you'd have the people holding the signs then try to walk up and wash your windscreen - so you'd tip them.

  4. Thats what I don't understand about keeping this kind of abuse internal and not involving the state in some way - mainly to separate the abuser and find professional couseling for everyone involved.

  5. It wasn't the #Me too movement, they left San Francisco because of regulations regarding condoms required during productions.

  6. Cuddle Roll pit stops are very important on a long journey.


  8. Something odd about that video - in the test ride the chain drive switches from left to right on every scene.

  9. As a non-american, the pledge of allegiance was always insane to me. It's the best example i have ever seen of how something completely bonkers can be normalized.

  10. When I was a kid in the 80s, we used to recite it as a whole class every morning.

  11. I'm kinda skeptical about Chinese antennas lately - my tacticool folding antenna for instance - its essentially a big dummy load - it has okay'ish swr (about 2:1 for hundreds of mhz of bandwidth) for pretty much every vhf band you can think of for whatever reason.

  12. I have a $2 antenna and a $20 radio you think I have/ know how to use an analyzer? Lol

  13. Putin needs soldiers, what’s this guy doing in Texas when he could be on the front lines for daddy Vladdy?

  14. I like how the one on the right has parade style markings on it?

  15. Simple answer, there are five lights.

  16. Excellent TNG reference - and that was a disturbing episode.

  17. yeah one of my faves, my all time fave is pale moon light from ds9, garak at his finest, lol.

  18. Post Nr. 23847 where I ask: Why... The... Music...?

  19. Олександр Пономарьов - Україна переможе

  20. You know if they want to be cruel, they can just fly at night but with lower altitude so the enemy can hear them buzzing at night.

  21. If your flying remotely like that - its an easy way to lose your drone :(.

  22. They should have wrapped the whole thing in duct tape - you don't want that sort of thing coming apart on you while driving down the highway /s.

  23. Or broken as fuck Healthcare, or broken as fuck justice system, or broken as fuck lawmakers, or as broken as fuck measurements(everyone else uses metric)

  24. Metric is an interesting one though - outside driving (and only driving - your local mechanic likely has little to no customary unit tools) and woodworking we use metric for everything and no country and adopted metric time and dates (computers internally use metric time and dates though).

  25. Yeah its true - I know a guy who does cabinets locally and does all his designs in metric "because its easier" - which is cool :).

  26. There have been reports in recent days from the Ukrainian side of drafted Russians being rushed to the front in tanks with zero training.

  27. It's probably not likely they are giving conscripts tanks with zero training, right? I doubt I could drive one of those without help and I know how to use a manual transmission.

  28. a requirement if you wanna take it to a track for sure, my car came stock with one, as do many, but i keep it covered, i kinda cringe when i see people rock them on public roads lol

  29. My Tacoma came with one - it's not mentioned in the manual as far as I can tell :).

  30. Before you use that in situations where you’re really stuck, double check that it’s a rated recovery point and not just a tie down used to transport the car on a flatbed. Those are generally not as strong and can be dangerous if used in off-road situations expecting it to be as strong as a real recovery point.

  31. Well, there's also the fact that, now that the search, warrant, affidavit, etc, have all been made public knowledge, there's a very real argument to be made that not prosecuting him would lead to further erosion of trust in our government/federal law enforcement, which presumably is not what Garland wants.

  32. The search wouldn't have even happened if he had quietly returned the documents that he swore (or his lawyer did at least) he did.

  33. The doj is likely to act as a go between for document digitizer/processor as the trump team couldn't find anyone:

  34. Part of this is Japanese business practices. Part of it is there isn't a real need for anything more advanced so why not avoid potential licensing costs.

  35. I didn't know that a western tank could see through hills, trees, and any visible object. Awesome!

  36. They kinda can actually - the US tries to track all targets in a battlefield using AWACS and tank commanders would have that data on a map.

  37. Russian here. The ironic thing (well, not that ironic, but anyway) is that the army doesn't supply the mobilized with anything. So a lot of military recruitment points send out shopping lists of what to take with you. It is presented as "optional", but most people realize that without it you will be envying the bums sleeping in the underground. Here is one example - this could easily reach $1000 USD:

  38. I feel like by the time you get to Ukraine with all that stuff half of it is going to be stolen too :(.

  39. Yes - on a Kenwood TS-120 - but it wasn't the final that blew up - it was the driver to the final, and yes it was caused by accidental high swr.

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