1. Learning the culture is key to success and learning the language is bonus points!

  2. Yes I’m working on it 5 years living here with my girl lol. Got to learn more Thai

  3. Its very alien to westerners not picking it up right away is normal. I speak dutch english german and bit Japanese but thai really eats the cake!

  4. I’m taking classes at Duke plus I live in a area no English speakers learn quick

  5. I use stevia for a lot of stuff like coffee . And sugar free water flavors I bring from USA. Sugar is in everything here.

  6. So if it started doing this day 8-9 I fucked up?

  7. Probably just paranoid. I’ve taken amazing care of the recipient area for the first week plus but I just saw the scabs ready to come off so I gently rubbed them and they came off easily but just seeing the hair attached made me concerned

  8. Yes that’s perfect . And the hair is often attached .. of course you know there is a difference between a hair and graft . The hair will fall anyway . Good luck growing bro 😁

  9. even the well known brands you can buy at 711? what's wrong with them?

  10. Most Turkey company’s spend a lot of time and money on fake reviews post YouTube videos posts on Reddit , posts on google reviews .

  11. I hear you struggling myself living in area where nobody speaks English and no westerns to make friends . Some days it’s hard even though Thailand is amazing and relaxed it’s still not easy to communicate make friends . But I’m here trying to be a good father a day at a time

  12. Just like the flu seems to be sticking around and have Mutations . Prob here to stay

  13. They say the grass is cleaner on the other side … and he must have a town that picks up the leafs

  14. If the leaves are too layered, wet and heavy, then a leaf blower will never stand a chance. Forget raking it when it’s like that too. I’m not hating the power washer option in that situation.

  15. I hear a lot of conflicting information, like the hairs can’t breath and grow under scabs and increase chances of infection..

  16. Yes after 14 days … then there is a minor concern about breathability. No risk of infection a scab is your body’s natural healing process . The dr should give you anti biotics . Scabs shouldn’t be removed before day 7 min. If you take them off before that it’s not good high risk for damage and loss . There is no dr that recommends that.

  17. It’s easy buy a spray bottle and put it in . I did it every 4 hours or when needed . It’s not to serous some people don’t use it . Helps with healing and itchiness

  18. Mostly cash all places I’d plan. Cards for some dinners at nicer places or hotels or mall shopping

  19. But what is it? Also benzos for sleeping?

  20. You can get benzos here it’s illegal but pharmacy’s will sell diazepam In tourist areas the pharmacy’s have it in the islands or Phuket . Bangkok pharmacy’s around asoks , nana train stop no prescription . Get caught with it go to jail though

  21. Actually it all depends on genetics and speed of hair loss it’s very different per person ..

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