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  1. I love it, cdc lays people off.. people lose their shit.. other exchanges lay people off.. more people lose their shit..

  2. I don't know nothing about no skelingtons!!

  3. I actually just bought 45/70 marlin and now i need to sit down and think about my reasons after a session shooting it.

  4. Ah wow is it that bad? It’s a long term goal for me to get one.

  5. Bad? Oh no.. well yes.. kinda.. it has a kick but it is so much fun.

  6. Ugh now i have to google it and search through a 10m(?) video instead of having it linked directly to the point he discusses it?

  7. I dont want to watch youtubers that i cant be sure about their news So i wanted to find where are official patch notes

  8. Rustafied have the qol changes, biggest one is the roof bunker fix imo, its been 'removed' for now.

  9. The orcs will just start bombing more zoo's, citing bioengineered gorillas.

  10. As a zoologist, that did work in zoos, we did spend time genetically engineering apes into killing machines. Gorillas would sometimes go too far and commit heinous crimes on their foe.

  11. Probably not a bad plan tbh, however id say once he has earned the non accredited back, he can start his sentence in jail while earning back the money for the accredited. Then anything he has left over is seized.

  12. I havent even clicked the link.. let me guess.. couple of chaps on the rudder of a freighter?

  13. Was it previously posted? How did you guess that 😂

  14. Because if youd looked its been posted 5 million times already.

  15. That isn't a defense, that's an excuse. My remark was half joking, but as a Native American I see what you said as colonialist revisionism. Also it's racist as fuck to say "they couldn't administer a country as efficiently as we could so we helped" when colonialism wasn't exactly an opt-in deal, where did you get this Euro-centric worldview? Or rather, how do you view colonialism as a good thing?

  16. After looking at the subs you post in, i am sure no matter what was said you would find something to cry about. So when you're done jumping to conclusions dinner is at 1800.

  17. Why would you even say something like that?

  18. Because 1) you did and 2) if you cant spot what it is im not explaining it, i havent the inclination because im not interested.

  19. Well i mean.. technically he's correct.. most tokens are rug pulls/scams designed to fleece within a week. He got years out of his.

  20. You need to bleed your radiators, youll need a radiator key for it. Start upstairs, google how to do it if you need to but essentially you use the key on the top nut of the radiator (literally at the very top) and open the valve a bit to let the air out until water is all thats squirting through. Do that for every rad upstairs first, then downstairs.

  21. 40%? Im looking at actual body parts being cut off if i miss even one penny off a repayment.

  22. Landmines, the person that fills every bush or node with a mine is the real person controlling the server.

  23. Also the annoying guy that loses all the kits, complains about it and never brings any loot in.

  24. If memory serves the US DoD pays that bill alongside poland and frances defence departments .

  25. Chinese man probably bought it for pennies, and is now back in china looking for a collector.

  26. Yeah suicide, or no one there to help you when you do something stupid like change fuses with the power on.

  27. sbf made billions from using 'printed usdt'.. so theres that.

  28. There's one other floor of flats above me, but the bedroom is on the top floor with no loft. Apparently none of the other tenants in the building have reported any issues, but I've not actually checked this with them directly.

  29. Hover up the ones inside and keep the windows closed. Weve tried midge netting but the cats love to climb on it so it usually ends up chasing one or both of them around the house.

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