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  1. Yes I did the saliva test last Monday, just have to wait for the results now. I feel tired pretty quickly and not able to do a lot of physical activities yet but I’m relaxed and calm. I do think my cortisol will end up in the ‘normal range ‘. I just spend €85 on the test to get it over with, my doctor didn’t feel the use for it but I want to know what’s going on.

  2. are you working with a general practitioner or an integrative health doctor? also do you have any issues with insomnia?

  3. Just a GP, but also psychological support and I have a burnout coach since yesterday. Gotta say though that my cognitive problems are annoying but not severe, so I guess I’m in phase 3 already.

  4. i'm glad you have a team of people who can help!! i've had a lot of trouble finding anyone who believes this is a real thing and it feels like everyone who can help is extremely expensive, here in the states. i have cognitive problems too but i think they were exacerbated by taking lexapro for so long.

  5. Groomers weren’t open for nearly 18 months in my city during the pandemic. I knew I had to do something or the matting would have been awful.

  6. that's awesome! does your dog have many skin tags? that's the only thing i'm worried about, i don't want to nick any of them. it's ok if she looks a little silly, thankfully she loves her shirts and sweaters haha

  7. Nope, I haven’t seen any. There’s a shaver guard that goes nowhere near the skin, though, leaves her cleaned up pretty well but still with plenty of hair to keep her warm in winter.

  8. oh man i think i need to buy this! do you still have the link so i can grab one by any chance?

  9. The Virgin Wendy's drive through takeover vs The Chad Dennys grand slam of 2013

  10. The design world seems to be leaching itself of color both commercially and residentially and it’s depressing to me.

  11. there is a mcdonald's right by my house that had all the classic 90s colors and one of those huge colorful playplaces facing the road. they removed the playplace and re-did the whole thing to a small gray rectangle. it looks like a tiny jail. i hate it.

  12. i know this was posted a long time ago, but i have this same problem and was googling it and this post came up. did you find any relief?? i feel like i'm going insane.

  13. thank you. no way this is real. "seeing all this was like a sledgehammer to the guy" aside, the mental image of like 15 girls on facetime with this dude is hilarious.

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