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  1. Yes, my mum was one of them, my dad was a repeat offender when it came to watching CP, she knew and still stayed for years. Absolutely messed up my childhood. She only left when he got arrested again and both my brother and I wanted nothing to do with him. He somehow got another girlfriend a year later too and she definitely knows

  2. I think everyone in this thread thinks it was literal cp and abuse when in reality it was drawn / animated.

  3. Nope, I had one of the top comments in that post. OP said in the replies that he was watching REAL children and animals at times too and that he was in a CP sharing group chat. She just conveniently left that out the main post.

  4. It has already been said dozens of times, but Dakota was robbed, her makeover look was fine and better than Jonbers, Pixie and Peppa's combined

  5. top right and bottom middle I'm struggling with I know I'm probably going to be kicking myself

  6. ahh of course thanks! Adore with short hair completely escaped my memory

  7. The reason a prolifer might not consider exceptions for rape and incest is because their view would be that the fetus is innocent. The fetus isn’t guilty of the crime of its father, so it might not seem right to essentially execute a fetus for a crime it didn’t commit.

  8. The rape victim isn't guilty either though? So why should they be punished for a crime they didn't commit?

  9. The view would be that protecting the life of the child isn’t a punishment to the mother. That care should be extended to victims of abuse, but that that care doesn’t extend to killing innocent children.

  10. So what if the rape survivor is a child themselves? They are more likely to die and have serious complications from childbirth, or is the unborn child more important than the living one?

  11. I'm 22 and don't really know anyone else my age who watches it unfortunately, but doesn't stop me! It is one of my favourite christmas movies!

  12. Reading these responses - maybe the boomers do have a point about “kids spending too much” to save for a house deposit!

  13. I did not expect these responses at all!! I'm 22 and have a takeaway maybe once a month for about £20 at most!! I don't know how people's bodies (or wallets!!) are coping having it every week

  14. I've been brushing my teeth wrong all this time, never heard this advice in my life

  15. I'm a woman, I've never been offended by the word, but I've never liked it either, I did not know that is where it came from though

  16. they need to stop with the acting challenges all together or get better writers, I couldn't get through 5 minutes of this seasons

  17. Just looked up the place that delivered me a mouldy sandwich. They’re on a 4…

  18. there's a takeaway local to me that is rated 5, I've gotten sick for days after eating from there every time and seen other reviews say how filthy and unhygienic they are so yeah not sure I can trust the ratings either lol

  19. i only went like 3 times, years apart from each other and it was because my parents insisted getting food from there so I had no control of it

  20. When we've gotten to a point where some people are using porn to justify torturing women in porn and IRL purely for men's sexual gratification, it's a sign that the overconsumption of increasingly violent porn is having a severely detrimental effect on society.

  21. most of my friend group at just 16 years old were interested in the bdsm scene and violent sex, my best friend at the time admitted she watched a lot of porn

  22. That straight up makes me sad. BDSM is so much more than what you see in porn. No one should be learning how to go about BDSM from porn because it misses key aspects of this kink, mainly consent and mutual respect of each others boundaries. You basically see the opposite in porn.

  23. im from the uk, but yeah same situation here, im in my early 20s now and still trying to learn healthy perspectives on sex and understanding boundaries and consent more because even though I didn't really watch a lot of porn myself it still manage to rub off on me that mens pleasure and fantasies matter more than ours and how much pressure there is to do something you dont want to because its in porn

  24. The same way Ru gaslit her (and the rest of us) into thinking she deserved to be in the final 💀

  25. what is with people in this sub throwing around the term "gaslighting" just because you disagree with something that happened doesn't mean you were gaslit ffs

  26. Absolutely! I know people to say avoid social media until you've seen it but the episode had only been up for about 20 minutes 😩

  27. Its best to avoid all together even as the episodes airing, people were posting the winner in both subreddits a minute after the episode went up because on iplayer you can just skip to the end right away

  28. I literally just screamed WHAT at my TV. Genuinely thought Cheddar won that lipsync, and that it had been edited to foreshadow her crowning. I can’t believe Danny won.

  29. I think Danny definitely won the lip sync, Cheddar lost as soon as she started stripping off imo, didn't suit the song at all

  30. Been rooting for Danny since the start, absolutely well deserved, really hope we see her again on the next all winners as she is such great tv

  31. The worst is in The Sims 4 if you’re creating a Spellcaster sim. They do not stop moving! regular sims just blink and stand still for the most part.

  32. I literally have a stand still in cas mod for this reason in Sims 4

  33. No, I'll repeat what I said in another post with the same question, they were talking about being clearly dark skinned and the lack of representation they feel as a result. Plus I still don't get how she was excluded, she did chime in to say something and they stopped to listen, it is not like they blatantly shunned her

  34. I forgot you can add images to comments now lol

  35. You can :o ermagawd, I've been having issues with people asking for additional pics forever, yay haha. Looks awesome <3 Good job!

  36. Not enough melanin? Genuinely curious because it kinda seemed that way.

  37. If that is the case would it be an issue? I thought it was pretty obvious they were talking about being darker skinned and the lack of representation they feel as a result

  38. I've been team Danny since the start, but I'd be happy if Cheddar wins too

  39. wow some of these comments are disturbing, just because you would react or feel differently about the situation doesn't make OPs feelings less valid, she didn't come in here to ask how you would personally feel, she is venting about how it did make her feel, never would have thought I'd have to state that in this sub of all places

  40. Tell me about it. I'm starting to think that some people just literally have nothing better to do with their lives than belittle others, or just that their own lives are so bad that they are going out of their way to try and drag someone else down with them. I wouldn't even dream of leaving a nasty comment when someone else was posting because they felt upset. That's just not called for.

  41. Right, it says more about them than it does about you, really sorry some people are so inconsiderate. I definitely see and feel where you are coming from, and I hope your husband comes around to understanding or at least acknowledging it too and apologizes

  42. Definitely not "most famous," but I'm from the UK and I knew about Joe Black wayyyy before he was on drag race and before I knew what a drag queen even was

  43. Same here, removed all the trees especially in glade, forest and forgotten lands because I could hardly find my way around. I've only decorated the plaza and my meadow is pretty much empty

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